Steindler Signs Wraps Yet Another Ideas In Motion Media Vehicle, A 2012 Chevy Volt in “Connect to Good News” Partnership with Arnell Chevy-Kia

Have you seen the highly decorated and detailed vehicles that belong to Ideas in Motion Media? They sport our logos with colorful designs displayed all over, making quite a positive statement as they cruise down the street. Well, meet the newest addition to the fleet Chris Mahlmann, Publisher and CEO of Ideas in Motion Media, took his Arnell Chevy-Kia Chevrolet Volt to Steindler Signs & Graphix in Wanatah, IN to get a custom car wrap. 

"This will be the fifth car wrap that they have done on our behalf and we love working with them,” said Mahlmann. “We are more excited about this one than any other as it really focuses on our core messages and ties into what is awesome about the Volt being plugged in to good news," Mahlmann said.

Tom Steindler, owner of Steindler Signs & Graphix was equally happy with the project. “I think the car is going to be very different, unique, and classy,” Steindler said, “It will be different that what we’ve done in the past for Chris. It will have a very defining look.”

Steindler Signs & Graphix was founded in 2006, and with over 30 years of experience in the sign industry, its making a name for itself across Northwest Indiana with its high quality products and talented staff. Bob Wszolek, Graphic Designer/Project Manager for Steindler Signs & Graphix gave an overview the car wrap process.

“First we determine if there will be a full or partial vehicle wrap. It depends on the budget. Once they decide it’s in our hands,” said Wszolek.

First, the sections are printed, then they are laminated, then placed on the car. “Each piece is installed like a puzzle, based on specific measurements,” Wszolek explained.

As for the car wrap for the Arnell Chevy-Kia Volt, “It was open-ended for the most part,” said Chris Wszolek, Graphic Designer at Steindler Signs & Graphix and brother to Bob Wszolek,. “There were a lot of ideas and we had to whittle down the message to focus on one central idea. We wanted to concentrate on electricity because the car is electric, and we liked the focus of 'Connect to Good News’.”

Noel Gorgas is the Installer at Steindler Signs & Graphix and he dealt with the physical “wrapping” of the Volt. “We wrap the vehicle in 3M comply vinyl,“ Gorgas explained, “It takes a day or two to finish. That includes prepping and removing lights and fixtures. As soon as the wrap is on it’s ready to go.”

Gorgas goes on to say that he is very happy with the final product on the Volt. He likes the concept and everything Mahlmann thought up. So far, The Volt is looking great! Everyone involved did spectacular job. They really put their all into it.

“I have been in the industry for 16 years,” said Gorgas, “ I love it. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

To find out more about Steindler Signs & Graphix check out their website or check them out on Facebook. For more information on the Chevrolet Volt or Arnell Chevy-Kia, visit their website , or check them out on Facebook.

Click here to see photos of Steindler Signs in action, working their magic!