State of Emergency for Michigan City

By: Michigan City Police Department Last Updated: January 6, 2014

Michigan-City-PoliceAs this winter storm continues to unfold, bringing heavy snow and high winds to many parts of the city, Mayor Meer strongly urges residents to exercise caution, avoid travel, and stay indoors.

To ensure an effective and rapid response to this winter storm, Mayor Meer declared a citywide “State of Emergency” until further notice, so resources and emergency personnel can get to neighborhoods where they are needed as quickly as possible.

Taking into account the blowing and drifting snow, dangerous road conditions, along with the pending artic below zero temperatures citizens are asked to remain home and off the roadways. Several surrounding counties have also called for a state of emergency declaration.


I have reads accounts all over Facebook and other sources that the “City is Closed” and that you can be fined anywhere from $100.00 to $500.00 for being on the street. I have also heard and read that the Mayor has ordered everyone in their homes. Neither one of these statements are true!

The State of Emergency indicates that Mayor Meer is urging residents to stay home and limit any travel that is not necessary. This was declared as a result of the winter storm that is currently affecting northwest Indiana. In no way does this mean that he has ordered businesses to close just that only essential personnel are expected to report to work during this weather emergency. There have been no curfews, penalties or other restrictions that have been put in place.

Emergency and essential personnel are out attempting to clear snow, check on the elderly and maintain a safe environment for those that must leave their homes.

Deadly Conditions

Parents should keep children inside as low temperatures and wind chill are a dangerous recipe for rapid frostbite or hypothermia. Exposed flesh can freeze in as little as five minutes with wind chills colder than 50 below.

Updates on conditions and further weather developments will be addressed through our Emergency Operations Center which will coordinate city and county responses to affected areas as needed.

In the interim stay safe, stay warm and feel free to contact the Michigan City Police or 911 with any illnesses, injuries, outages or emergency conditions that might arise.