South Shore Line’s Dune Buggy Beach Shuttle Offers a Free Ride to Area Beaches

South Shore Line’s Dune Buggy Beach Shuttle Offers a Free Ride to Area Beaches
By: Jennifer Bissonnette Last Updated: July 17, 2017

Imagine traveling to the beach without worrying about the drive or hassle of parking! The South Shore Line along the Dunes learning center and the national park service, is helping make this a reality by offering a FREE Dune Buggy Beach Shuttle for the second consecutive year. Worrying about transportation is a thing of the past, as South Shore Line makes traveling through Northwest Indiana even easier. In their efforts to make a day of fun as simple as possible, they’ve added a way to enjoy the beach without driving!

This addition is just one way the South Shore Line is making activities more accessible from their trains. To take advantage of the free shuttle, take the South Shore Line to Miller Station. The shuttle arrives at the Miller Station every 20-30 minutes and makes a quick trip to the beach for you. Now it’s only a short wait before you can begin enjoying your favorite beach activities, all without worrying about full parking lots!

SSL-Dune-Buggy-Route With no need to worry about the drive, you can spend your time relaxing with friends and family instead. The shuttle stops at Lake Street Beach, Marquette Park and Beach, and the Douglas Center. It’s just another way The South Shore Line is making a day of fun even more relaxing for you!

The Dune Buggy Beach Shuttle puts everyone closer to their destination and opens up a world of possibilities. Nearby are restaurants, pubs, and various other entertainment venues, meaning you no longer need to worry about packing a lunch or snacks for a day at the beach. Now, it’s possible to head to a nearby restaurant for lunch, find some entertainment, and head back to the beach without stress!

SSL-Dune-Buggy-Poster The Dune Buggy Beach Shuttle runs from 10am - 6:30pm every Saturday and Sunday throughout summer. It’s also available on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. The shuttles are fully accessible and feature a wheelchair ramp as well. Getting to the beach has never been easier!

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