South Shore Brewery Trail app offers beer fanatics extra incentives to drink local

South Shore Brewery Trail app offers beer fanatics extra incentives to drink local

Over the last decade, the South Shore has become known for more than just its scenic lakeshore. Whether you’re a craft beer fanatic or merely along for the ride, you can’t deny that the dozens of breweries along the South Shore are destinations all their own. The South Shore Brewery Trail offers an experience for the boldest taste testers and the most classically-minded ones. 

From rotating taps to decadent meals, live entertainment to family-friendly activities, and IPAs to barrel-aged stouts, the South Shore Brewery Trail runs the gamut of selection. How can we craft brew lovers ever keep up? 

Beer fans, rejoice! Because (in case you didn’t already know), South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority created a South Shore Brewery Trail app for the most committed pint-hoisters to download on their mobile devices. 

The app takes the love of local craft beer to an all-new territory by allowing users to find nearby breweries and upcoming events, and to check-in to win prizes and receive push notifications with the latest news and specials for favorite spots.

The South Shore Brewery Trail app acts as a personal passport to Region breweries. You can explore the list of local breweries, seek your favorite beers by category, keep track of which ones you like, and access an event calendar of local beer festivals, live entertainment, and other area activities centered on beer.

While a cold beer is a treat in and of itself, the Brewery Trail app actually rewards you for drinking one locally. When you log on, you can head to the Breweries section, which will list all the nearby breweries in order by distance to your nearest location. (make sure your location settings are turned on in your mobile settings). When you visit one of the breweries listed, the app allows you to hit a check-in button on that brewery.

Next, upload an image that confirms you’re visiting the brewery. Chances are you were planning to post a photo of you and your friends, or maybe a moody shot of your glassware, to your social media accounts anyway. Whether it’s an Instagram-worthy selfie of you at the location or a simple snap of the brewery’s chalkboard listing what’s on tap, all you have to do is have fun and prove your presence.

Once you earn enough check-ins, you can redeem prizes! Seven check-ins earn you a “Drink Indiana” bottle opener. Twelve check-ins wins you a collectible South Shore Brewery Trail T-shirt encouraging you to “Drink Region.”

If you really want to make a day—or weekend—of it, you can let South Shore Brew Bus do the driving. Taking one of the scheduled tours will give you a chance to relax and check a few breweries off your list, and also ensure that you’re drinking responsibly. 

Not too sure what Region breweries have to offer? Rest assured, you don’t have to be a hop head to enjoy a visit to one of the breweries along the South Shore Brewery Trail. Food, atmosphere, and good company also factor in.

Breweries like Crown Brewing and Off Square Brewing, both located in Crown Point, Shoreline Brewery in Michigan City, and the internationally recognized Three Floyds in Munster offer one-of-a-kind dining experiences. Pub classics like pizza, burgers, and fries, as well as more gourmet offerings such as artisan cheese plates and rich pierogies, can be found in breweries like these along the South Shore Brewery Trail. 

Byway Brewing in Hammond boasts a family-friendly taproom, an open atmosphere, and a chef-driven menu. More intimate settings with enviable beer selections can be found at Burn ‘Em Brewing in Michigan City, The Devil’s Trumpet in Merrillville, and Valparaiso’s Ironwood Brewing Co. and Four Fathers Brewing. 

Hunter’s Brewing in Chesterton offers some sours, ciders, and ginger beer for those looking to branch out beyond their signature ales.

These represent just a small selection of the destinations along the South Shore Brewery Trail. Download the South Shore Brewery Trail app to explore them all. And though it goes without saying, we want to remind you that you must be 21 or older to participate in this app. And again, please drink responsibly—and drink local.

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