Soft Opening of Escape Room La Porte sparks excitement for the City

Soft Opening of Escape Room La Porte sparks excitement for the City

Tonight family and friends found themselves at the soft opening of the new Escape Room La Porte. The evening welcomed community members to the very first escape room in the City of La Porte, an attraction which has already started humming a buzz. 

If you aren’t familiar with the viral sensation, here’s the breakdown. A team of people sign up to be essentially ‘locked’ in a room where they seek clues and solve challenging puzzles together in order to escape the room. Rooms are advanced in lighting, technology, and flavor, as each room is specifically designed to encircle a theme. 

The trend has become a popular, adventurous, and unique way to spend time with friends or family and has even created a wave in work culture, allowing coworkers to build connections and brainstorm outside of the office. 

Grand Opening for an Escape Room

Grand Opening for an Escape Room 50 Photos
Grand Opening for an Escape RoomGrand Opening for an Escape RoomGrand Opening for an Escape RoomGrand Opening for an Escape Room

Escape Room La Porte owner Ben Konowitz is well known for shaking things up in the City, serving as the founder of successful nonprofit Big Comedy La Porte and owner of local business LaPorte Seamless Gutter. 

Konowitz couldn’t keep the smiles off his face as he greeted friends, family, and community members he had never met before. 

“I see a lot of my friends, family, and a lot of people I don’t know yet—but I will get to know you!” Konowitz said. 

“When the question is asked, ‘Hey, what do you want to do tonight?’ there is now a new answer in La Porte, Michigan City, Valpo, South Bend, and New Buffalo,” he continued. “People will come to our city!”

The soft opening invited the public to sense what is to come for the official grand opening. Even though guests weren’t able to catch a glimpse of the inside of an escape room, the anticipation to be a participant in one was at an ultimate high. 

Charlie Young, technical advisor for Escape Room La Porte, explained the depth of time and technology that is put into each room. 

“I help with all the tech that is used in the rooms—electronic locks, lights, security cameras. I am the one making the magic happen,” Young said. 

Young said the grand opening will reveal a Date Night Room, an exclusive package for couples, best friends, or a mother and daughter duo. The room will be a half-hour experience and will offer a twist to any night out. 

“Instead of dinner and a movie—how about dinner and an escape room?” Young quipped. 

The Black and White Room will be next in line after the Date Night Room. After both rooms are up and running, next is the anticipated Historic La Porte Room, which will bring historic aspects, quizzes, and quirks for those who are La Porte fanatics. One piece of advice before you visit this room: take a trip to the City of La Porte’s history museum!

La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership President of Chamber Services Mike Riehle explained how the activity will act as the perfect outlet for families and others. 

“Through the entire process, we [LEAP] have been continuing to promote this. Many have expressed concerns that there isn’t much to do on the weekends, and this adds variety for families and younger generations,” Riehle said. “It’s a great complement to downtown La Porte.” 

The soft opening encouraged the idea that this is only the beginning of unique and exciting installments in the City of La Porte. 

 “When we put our minds together and our hearts in the right place, I feel like we can do anything,” Konowitz said. “I am so passionate about this because it means we can bring something new to La Porte.”

For updates on Escape Room La Porte located at 607 Jefferson Ave., visit their Facebook page here or their website.  To stay up to date with what is happening and upcoming in La Porte, find the La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership online here.