So Close You Can Almost Feel the Mud

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: July 18, 2014


Mudathlon is almost here! Let the panic ensue!!!

Just kidding. There's no need to be afraid. Mudathlon is just a fun, muddy, wear-you-out, sign-me-up-next-year time. At Extra Mile on Thursday night, the last training session for Mudathlon took place. 

Our fearless leader, Laura, had us doing leg work. Everyone ran from the Extra Mile HQ to Kirkoff Park in Valpo which was our gym for the day. 

Standing in a large circle, we did beast walks, planks, shoulder touches, lunges of all kinds, and some balance exercises. All of these are important; not only for the impending race, but for overall fitness. The benefits of these exercises will follow us for the rest of our lives if we keep them up.

Following circle time, everyone stood in a long line and we continued with more lunges, balance exercises, etc. 

Afterward Laura called everyone in to give us all verbal high fives for sticking to the program. The excitement could be felt around the group about the upcoming race. And with the anticipation humming through us, we ran back to Extra Mile to cap the night with root beer floats.

Good luck to everyone running the 2014 Mudathlon on Saturday July 19! It's going to be mucking fantastic! 

Photo courtesy of Michelle McCaskey.