Slow and Steady Wins the Race…Or at Least Helps You Cross the Finish Line

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: June 19, 2014

Tri-Training-2-3Planking is awful!

I'm propped on my elbows and tiptoes, trying hard to keep the rest of my body parallel to the floor. It's like being in a push-up position, but instead of straight arms with hands on the ground, you are anchored on your forearms. It SEEMS easy. But really, it's about as easy as successfully reciting a tongue twister after your mouth has been injected with novocaine.

Keep your butt down, don't let your back sink, look up, don't bend your knees, shoulder blades out. Oy. So much to remember. I manage to hold the position for 55 seconds -all the while shaking like jello and trying to keep my feet from slipping our from under me.


But it needs to be done. I'm trying to get ready for the triathlon in August and so that means I have to get myself into better shape. It's going to be a slow and tough process, but I'm looking forward to it. No goal worth achieving ever came easy, right?

And to get ready for the tri, I'm doing my training at the La Porte County Family YMCA. The Y is the host for the triathlon and an awesome partner of Ideas in Motion Media (my employer) so I thought this would be a great challenge for me to conquer.

The aforementioned planking was done at the YMCA yesterday (June 18, 2014). I missed the spin class by an hour so I decided to go with some simple cardio and core/abs instead. Lucky for me, there are tons of options at the Y for fitness buffs so if I can't do one thing, I can do something else. Or I can do consecutive activities, or I can come early in the morning for a spin class and then come back later and do a boot camp class...options are the spice of life, people.

Tri-Training-2-1I have to work out my entire body if I want to do well during the race. I can hit the open swim to help me with the swimming portion of the race, spin classes for the bicycling portion, and then the treadmill/other cardio classes/Fitness Friday where I can run with Mayor Milo to help me with the last leg of the race which is the running portion. But I can't leave out the strength training. Legs, arms, back, core, etc. have to get some attention, too. AND healthy eating habits. More veggies and less cupcakes...I'll miss you, cupcakes.

But I won't be alone. The staff and other members at the Y have welcomed me from the get-go. I felt like I was a member for years even though no one there knew me. It's nice to be part of a place that is so dedicated to the community and their focus on social responsibility, youth development, and healthy living.

I've got a lot to do and a long way to's going to suck now but I won't regret it later.