Sharefest 2013-Looking for Projects!

By: Mike Sutton Last Updated: April 15, 2013

ShareFestThe Churches of La Porte are pleased to announce their annual “Sharefest”! Sharefest will start on Saturday May 18th at 8am. Volunteers will gather on the steps of the La Porte City Hall for a brief opening orientation and prayer. At 8:30am, we will release our volunteers to serve the city. Sharefest is a “day of sharing” by the churches of the community along with any other groups that want to join us. We will be serving a variety of projects all across the city. Projects will also be done during the week following.

We are in the midst of determining projects and would welcome any suggestions or ideas from the community. If you have a project that can be done by volunteers that morning or sometime during the week, please contact Mike Sutton at 219-510-3193. Suggested projects are cleaning, painting or yard work. Projects need to be funded by the homeowner and we will provide the volunteers. We will consider your project and seek to put some volunteers at that project that day or during the following week. You can find more information about Sharefest at our website at

Sharefest 2013 is the third annual “Day of Sharing” by the La Porte churches. Our desire to come together in the name of Christ and make a difference in our community. Come join us!