Seen and Heard

Seen and Heard

Let's start our day by checking out the weather and from the portico. Another lovely, sunny morning. We welcome it in the spirit with Elsa  Litmann, who has already sung her morning hymn of welcome to this day. We wonder what new things she’ll find outdoors today. 

Roger Simmons, waterer-in-chief, has been busy.  And here is Diana Anderson. Isn’t it great to see how excited she is to discover six monarch eggs? Yes, there is continuing life coming. Did you notice all the new buds and open flowers on the hibiscus tree? It’s alive! 

As you go indoors, take a sprig of mint along to have with your tea. Mmm, good! What shall we do today (between naps)? There is always the TV with the January 6th hearings on, and sports, and those amazing pictures from the James Webb telescope to keep us up to date. 

Time for lunch. As you go past the elevator,  stop on third floor and take in the museum of birdcages displayed at Lexi Feece’s door. Some people are so creative! 

What a nice, new seating arrangement in the dining area. There is even extras space for parking all of our rollators. It’s appreciated by  Ellen Dodge, Phyllis Barnes, Clarence Ventline,  and Doris Feiser, and there must be six more of us, at least. Anyway, pull up a chair and visit to hear the great travel memories of Roger  Simmons, Ken Jamsa, Elizabeth Gearhart, and  Pauline Pierson. Then, hear of the travel plans of Antoinette Condo and myself as we venture out into the world which now includes an entity named the COVID Omicron BA.5 variant. 

As we leave the dining area, we see Damon  Center getting a bottle of water to feed to the garlic patch in his apartment. Will he have a big crop? 

By investing in a brisk walk after lunch to the north side of the Motherhouse, you can get a  good look at Sister Karuna’s flower garden. Those gladiolas are so lovely. I hope the deer leave them alone. 

On the way, we meet Princess Snowy in her royal carriage going for a ride with Mary Alice  Ziesenhene, see photo at right. 

Take a look at the reroofing job going on at  Lindenwood. A necessary but scary job. 

We hear our new resident Loretta Kania finally has a parking space, at least until Antoinette gets back from her trip.  

After an afternoon well-spent, (more naps!) what could be nicer than a golf cart ride? We can then check the progress of the new goat barn and maybe even see some new goats as well. Perhaps by now there is a glowing sunset to enjoy. And at the cemetery we get the best surprise of the day:  the twin fawns resting rather unafraid amongst the rows of crosses. 

Time to put another busy day to rest. Don’t forget to be grateful for one more day in this caring place.