Sauers Buick GMC Employee Spotlight: Tim Crozier

By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: March 21, 2018

Employee Spotlight - Tim CrozierBorn and raised in Michigan City, Tim Crozier spent much of his life building- his family, furniture, and even cars. When he joined Sauers Auto a short while ago, he knew the auto industry, but had to don a new hat as a part of Sauers’ ace sales team.

“Back when I worked at AM General, I fell in love with building cars,” said Crozier. “It was a fascinating experience to watch and participate in, so from that point 15 years ago I fell in love with building cars, but selling them is a whole new ballgame. There’s so much to learn.”

Going from putting cars together behind the scenes to putting keys in customers’ hands at a dealership proved to be challenging, but incredibly rewarding. Meeting customers and working with them to get the right car for the right price is a new experience that the outgoing Crozier could not enjoy more.

“Getting that bond with customers and seeing the enjoyment they get is great,” said Crozier. “Seeing the excitement that they have when they get to drive off with a new car, and then calling them up later to make sure they’re happy is so satisfying. We really want our customers to be happy, and we keep in contact with them because we want that good feeling they have to spread out into the community.”

Before he signed on with Sauers, Crozier’s only sales experience was selling furniture right out of high school and a brief stint selling appliances. He got his foot in the door the old-fashioned way, - a strong application and impressive interview. Thanks to the team at Sauers, Crozier settled in quick and formed a strong bond with the Sauers family.

“The people here gave me a chance when I didn’t have any real experience in sales at all,” said Crozier. “I’m really appreciative of that, and that I’ve been given the chance to make an impact here.”

Even when he is off the job, Crozier rarely stops working. Though the first thing he mentions is loving to spend time with his family, he has one major hobby he spends time perfecting his craft in – woodworking.

“I do wood crafting, building furniture and stuff like that,” he said. “It comes from working at a retail furniture store for 9 years. Doing repairs there grew into building my own. I don’t do a lot of complicated stuff, but I make coffee tables, end tables, a couple entertainment centers and bunk beds. It takes a long time to do that - about 9 months because I just don’t have enough time in a day.”

With his tireless work ethic, and love for family and community, Crozier looks forward to making a big impact on the Sauers Auto family. To learn more about Sauers Buick GMC, visit their website at