Sauers Auto’s Drive 4UR School Benefits Michigan City High School National Honor Society

With cool cars and an even cooler cause, Drive 4UR School was the perfect fundraiser to have with school right around the corner. With a promise of raising up to $6000 for Michigan City High School, it is no wonder Michigan City residents came out to show their support.

Thanks to the generosity of Sauers Ford and Lincoln of Michigan City, cars ready to be driven took over the high school parking lot. From 10 am to 3 pm, every test drive completed resulted in a $20 donation to the MCHS National Honor Society. The National Honor Society strives to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students. With that in mind, there is no question why Sauers Ford and Lincoln chose to support such an organization.

Socrates Gray, General Sales Manager of Sauers Ford & Lincoln, explained, “I’ve been with Ford for the last fifteen years and they have been doing Drive 4UR School at other cities. I came to town and noticed they weren’t really doing anything with what was available at the dealership. I wanted to make sure they got that opportunity to get money back into the school and all its different departments.”

“As the National Honor Society sponsor and Spanish Teacher at Michigan City High School, I believe this event is a great opportunity to raise money for the high school. Since MCHS is the only public high school in our district, it is imperative that we provide a great education for the youth of Michigan City and have the entire community support us,” said Jennifer Gracyalny. “Sauers is showing that support by hosting Drive 4UR School, and I cannot thank them enough for giving the public an opportunity to invest in the school and drive some fantastic cars."

With fifteen different cars ranging from the Ford Edge Sport to the F150, test drivers were in for a treat.

Amy Wojasinski-Labis, Resource teacher at MCHS, said after test driving multiple cars, “I came to support Michigan City High School today. I feel that this funding is a very valuable opportunity for us to take advantage of.”

Wendel Mccollun, Principal of MCHS, said, “Our clubs and organizations are especially strapped in terms of being able to find things to raise money for them and give them the ability to do great things for the students. Partnering with Ford, we were able bring this idea to the school and support our National Honor Society.”

It is always heartwarming to see businesses take the time and money to help out local organizations in need. The impact Sauers Ford and Lincoln made on the National Honor Society today is certainly one that will not be forgotten.