Sauers Auto and La Porte High School Test Drive a New Buick

Sauers Auto and La Porte High School Test Drive a New Buick

As students registered for classes at La Porte High School, Sauers Buick GMC and La Porte County Junior Achievement introduced the community to new vehicles and raised money to teach students practical, financial skills through a “Test Drive a New Buick” fundraiser.

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Through Buick’s “Drive for Your School” program, organizations like Junior Achievement can team up with local dealerships to raise money for their endeavors. For each test drive that the organization gets, Buick donates $20 to the cause, with the maximum amount of donations being $10,000.

Junior Achievement and Sauers Buick GMC united for a “Test Drive a New Buick” fundraiser four years ago, and they hoped to raise over $1,000 dollars for the program at this year’s fundraiser. Sauers Buick GMC sees helping the entire Northwest Indiana community, be it through aiding people in choosing the right vehicle or through fundraising for local organizations, as their duty.

“We don’t look at ourselves as being in just one city,” said Sauers Buick GMC Owner Kim Sauers. “We look at this as one large community. The better the entire community thrives, the better it is for all of us. Junior Achievement is a great organization that helps build the future leaders of America, and supporting them at this stage is very important to us.”

Students learn how to become “future leaders of America” through classes that teach basic economic skills. Junior Achievement has played a prominent role in educating La Porte County students about basic finances for decades. Junior Achievement Board Member and Secretary Robin Kohn has been with the program for 10 years, and she believes the “Drive for Your School” fundraiser is integral in furthering the success of Junior Achievement.

“We are completely funded by donations and fundraisers, and we really appreciate that Sauers provides this program. Because of this fundraiser, we will be able to offer more classes to the La Porte area, which means more students get the benefits of Junior Achievement,” said Kohn. “Junior Achievement is a great program for Michigan City and La Porte. It’s great for the kids, and I think it’s very important that we introduce kids at a young age to what finances are all about. They learn when they’re little, and it sinks in quicker.”

Not only did Sauers provide an opportunity to raise money for Junior Achievement, but they encouraged students to get involved with the event as well. LPHS Senior and Member of the Student Advisory Council, Jonathan Burns, encouraged families who were registering for school to test drive vehicles. As someone who witnessed the power of Junior Achievement firsthand, he was excited to help raise money for the organization.

“This fundraiser helps us get money for our school and for Junior Achievement. It’s important for Sauers to do fundraisers like this one because they give back to the community, and they make a difference in our schools,” said Burns.

The goal of Buick’s “Drive for Your School” program is to make a positive impact on the community, and Sauers Buick GMC has done just that. Sauers Buick GMC Controller Ronda Reedy was instrumental in planning the fundraiser, and she was happy to see the event fulfill its purpose.

“These fundraisers are a great opportunity to raise money for organizations like Junior Achievement, and they help people drive vehicles that they normally wouldn’t drive. Sauers is very dedicated to helping the community,” said Reedy.

Sauers Buick GMC’s partnership with La Porte County Junior Achievement not only embodied the dedication mentioned by Reedy, but it emphasized the importance of supporting the community.

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