Sand Creek Country Club’s Rick Matthys Celebrating 20 Years of Working to Keep Members Healthy

Sand Creek Country Club’s Rick Matthys Celebrating 20 Years of Working to Keep Members Healthy

Rick Matthys, Director for Fitness and Recreation at Sand Creek Country Club in Chesterton, has always had a passion for athletics and helping people better themselves. Now celebrating his 20th year with Sand Creek, Matthys is continuing that passion for health and wellness.

Born and raised in Chesterton, Indiana, Matthys attended Chesterton High School and continued his education at Indiana University, where he studied Kinesiology.

“I’ve always been interested in athletics,” Matthys explained. “It’s amazing that it’s grown into a position and a career that is now 20 years in the making.”

Despite his passion for athletics, he didn’t start out in that career until one fateful summer during his college years.

“I was actually Pre-Med in college and I actually volunteered at an outpatient surgery center one summer every Saturday morning,” he explained. “I worked with sick people every day and it actually made me reevaluate my entire career.”

Instead of going down the road of helping and treating sick people, Matthys took a different path and began working towards prevention. After graduating from IU with a Bachelors in Kinesiology, he took a job at Bike Stop Cycling in Michigan City.

“I worked in fitness sales for Bike Stop while I was there,” Matthys explained. “But I always missed the one-on-one meetings and interactions with clients. So one of my coworkers worked as a receptionist at the health club here and mentioned that they were looking for a personal trainer.”

Matthys applied for the position, and immediately took a job with Sand Creek Country Club as a personal trainer. Within a year, he was promoted to the Fitness Manager and, within another year, he became the Director of Fitness and Recreation, where he has been ever since.

As Director of Fitness and Recreation, Matthys oversees the health club, personal trainers and training clients, providing a welcoming and relaxing environment for everyone involved. Along with the health club, Matthys is in charge of massage therapists year around and kids camp, the swimming pool and the tennis department during the summer. No matter the activity though, Matthys is dedicated to helping clients better themselves and achieve a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

“You think you are doing the right thing by helping people when they’re sick, but it’s actually much more rewarding to help prevent people from getting sick,” Matthys said. “I think that’s why I’ve stayed in this career for so long.”

Sand Creek Country Club has given Matthys the perfect opportunity to do exactly that. And it’s made going to work every day all the more easier when the faces are always friendly and the environment is always welcoming.

“The members here are so special and they really appreciate all of the help year after year,” he explained. “I think, in this industry, getting to know people and seeing them succeed at their activity and seeing what you’ve done, what you’ve recommended to them, whether it’s for losing weight, getting stronger, faster, or playing golf better, that is the most rewarding thing.”

When Matthys isn’t helping people better themselves at Sand Creek, he is staying active with his wife and two children in the outdoors by camping, biking, hiking, and so much more. The family also owns an organic farm and continues the same healthy lifestyle at home that Matthys wants his clients to live.

That desire for everyone to live a healthy lifestyle and better themselves through fitness and wellness has been a catalyst for Rick Matthys throughout his career. And as he celebrates his 20th year with Sand Creek Country Club, the Chesterton native as no plan to slow down.

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