Sand Creek Country Club Members Set Sail at Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta

Sand Creek Country Club Members Set Sail at Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta
By: Max Willis Last Updated: July 27, 2017

It was a wonderful night at the Sand Creek Country Club for the 10th Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta as the community came together for some friendly competition. Twelve teams competed in the Regatta and raced their hearts out as their cardboard boats made their way across the Country Club pool.

When the Country Club began hosting this event since 2007, the goal was to create an event that really incorporated summer time. Other events like Movie Night and Family Music Day was a great way to celebrate together, but this event really showcased the youth of the community. It was such a hit that first year, that the Country Club was excited to keep hosting it year after year.

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Kenny Furness, the Sand Creek Food & Beverage Operations Manager, was coordinating the event and loving every minute of it. “This is a great community builder,” Furness said. “Our youth do a phenomenal job every year starting in June collecting card board, talking to parents and getting designs put together. All for this one night where they can all put their boats together for different challenges.”

The race is the main competition, in which the boats, which can only be made out of cardboard and duct tape, must make it to the end of the Country Clubs pool and back again. The other categories that the kids can place in are the Vouge Award which is the Best-looking Boat, the Prada Regatta Award, which is the Most Creative Design, the Team Sprite Award for the team that works the best together, the Best Dressed, and the Titanic Award which is the best sinking ship.

“The energy that is exuded from this community, from these kiddos especially, is just over the top. They look forward to it all summer to having this night tonight for their big race night,” said Furness. “The best part of the Regatta is that even though there are rules and regulations, boats that don’t meet the criteria get to race at the end. That way everyone can have fun. We never turn anyone away.”

One of the racers, Isabella Murphy, has competed in the race with her sister twice now and was excited to be out on the water. Murphy and her sister designed and built their boat, which took them over four hours, to look like a shark to celebrate their love of the animal.

“It’s fun, we just really like doing it!” Murphy exclaimed.

Heather Ennis, one of the proud moms spectating the race, was ecstatic to be a part of the Regatta with her family for the first time.

“It is so fun to be at the Regatta. It’s been really exciting, and the kids have been having a blast. It brings out the competitive nature of the parents and the kids as well.”

By the end of the night, the pool area was full of music, laughter, and good times as another Sand Creek Country Club Cardboard Boat Regatta came to an end.

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