Recent Grant Writing Class Receives Generous Donation from PNC

By: Independent Cat Society Last Updated: June 8, 2015

ICS-Writing-Grant-PNC-2015Recently two Independent Cat Society volunteers, Staci Trekles, ICS Board President, and Roberta Jocius, ICS Grant Chair, offered a 10 week Grant Writing workshop for community members through the Graduate and Extended Learning (GEL) Office at Purdue University North Central (PNC) in Westville. Included in their class were ten aspiring writers from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, including firefighters, non-profit and charitable workers, and also Purdue North Central students who were wishing to get more experience with grant writing as they graduated and moved on. In this class they went through the many different aspects of the grant writing process together, everything from finding available grants to writing proposals and budgets.

Developing the missions and stories that are essential to all good Grant projects was also covered and the students enjoyed the time they spent with these volunteers learning this process. Generously Purdue North Central offered to give half of the profits from the class tuition fees to the Independent Cat Society for the work of these dedicated volunteers, which equaled $850.

The Independent Cat Society is grateful to have had a chance to work with Cassie Boehlke and Rebecca Vogelpohl in the Graduate and Extended Learning office and hopes to partner with them again in the future. The ICS also appreciates the generous donation made by PNC to the Independent Cat Society.