Purdue University North Central 2015 Spring Enrollment

By: Purdue University Northwest Last Updated: February 13, 2015

PNC-homecoming-3Purdue University North Central students registering for the spring semester have saved a collective total of about $100,000 thanks to PNC tuition discount opportunities.

In all, 1,305 students, 44 percent of the core students enrolled in spring semester classes, are enjoying the benefits of reduced tuition. Most of these students are benefitting from a 10 percent reduction applied to credit hours a student takes beyond 12 hours per semester. The discount plan provides financial incentives for students to increase the number of credit hours taken each semester and encourages them to graduate in four years.

During fall semester, the first semester this plan was offered, students saved a collective $100,000 in tuition.

In addition, students who previously earned credits at PNC and stopped out for a time may be eligible to save on tuition when they return to PNC. This semester, 11 students qualified for this tuition discount.

“We are happy that students continue to take advantage of our tuition discounts when they enroll at Purdue University North Central. These discounts help to make higher education more affordable and help students earn more credit hours each semester to help them graduate sooner,” said PNC Chancellor Dr. James B. Dworkin. “The students who choose PNC know they will receive a quality Purdue education and that they will enter the job market with an esteemed Purdue degree. We look forward to May 2016, when our students will graduate on campus in our Student Services and Activities Complex.”

Purdue North Central opened its spring semester with 5,498 students, who are enrolled in 48,433 credit hours.

The PNC spring enrollment includes 2,950 core undergraduate students, 37 graduate students and 2,511 students in the Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit program. This spring’s overall enrollment is down about 5 percent from the record spring enrollment of spring 2014 and credit hours have dipped about seven percent from the record total of spring 2014.

This spring saw positive trends with a 16.4 percent increase in applications, a 22 percent increase in admissions and a 15.7 percent increase in applicants enrolling as compared to last spring.

The Concurrent Enrollment program, which allows high-achieving high school students the opportunity to earn PNC credits while in high school, continues to be an extremely popular option for students. This spring enrollment grew about one percent to 2,511 students who are enrolled in 13,021 credit hours.

The program is offered in more than 40 high schools in Porter, LaPorte, Lake, Starke and other Northwest Indiana counties. These students enter college with the credit hours that they earned in high school and have a head start on their college education. Generally, these students will be able to graduate sooner and accumulate less debt.

There are 37 graduate students pursuing their Master’s of Business Administration degrees at PNC – Porter County.

More information about becoming a student at PNC can be obtained by visiting the campus Web site at www.pnc.edu or by calling 785-5200, ext. 5505.