Purdue University Calumet Career Fair Looks for Talented Students

By: Vicki Schmidt Last Updated: February 13, 2015

Success seemed to be in the air at the recent Purdue University Calumet Spring Career Fair this afternoon on the Hammond campus. Employers were ready and eager to meet their potential hires and interns with students also coming ready and “dressed to impress".

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The afternoon was orchestrated with finesse and ran flawlessly due largely to Career Center Director, Natalie Connors and Career Center Administrative Assistant Jenny Solis. Not only did the pair set the stage for the day after many weeks of planning, they were in constant contact with the over 9,000 active students at Purdue Calumet informing them, coaching them and reminding them to put their best foot forward today.

Students were eager to listen and took the advice given to them.

“I came here in hopes of finding a job that will turn into a career," said Sophomore Business Administration student Donna Vong, whose interests included finance and customer service. Vong’s goal was specifically marketing herself to the banking institutions.

“My goal is to get my foot in the door and stay long term in banking," said Vong

Connors was very pleased with the turn out of the Fair.

“This has been a "long-standing event for the University, one that is for all majors and students looking for full- and part-time employment and/or internships." she said.

The Fair offered to all Purdue Cal students, Alumni, and the public the opportunity to meet with nearly 100 employers. One student commented as he passed along his last printed resume that he was surprised how many potential employers were going to be present for him to actually meet.

The Career Center staff was on-hand to assist with the flow of the Fair, attend to the participating employers, and to mingle with students intending to meet their future employers.

For the attending businesses, they were looking to fill part-time, full-time, and internship positions. Most find this venue very successful fulfilling those needs.

“I came here looking for good, qualified candidates,” said Jill Knight, Vice President of Training and Development at People’s Bank and was very happy with the turnout. “These students fit the needs of the Bank. This is a great opportunity to meet the right people. People who just fit."