Purdue Federal Credit Union’s Cancer Avengers Race Against Cancer

Purdue Federal Credit Union’s Cancer Avengers Race Against Cancer
By: Peter Krivas Last Updated: August 15, 2017

At Purdue Federal Credit Union, they take their community outreach very seriously and the La Porte Relay for Life was no exception. In fact, staff at Purdue Federal are encouraged to get involved with charitable organizations of their choice, and the member-owned cooperative even pays its employees for up to eight hours of community volunteer paid time off.

“Purdue Federal truly supports the initiative of people helping people and volunteerism,” said Sales Manager, Carolyn Probasco. “That’s what credit unions are all about; community.”

It certainly is what Purdue Federal is about, as their employees have also supported local animal shelters, food pantries, community gardens, the local United Way, March of Dimes, and many other not-for-profit organizations in the area. Without a doubt, Purdue Federal’s employees are dedicated to helping the community in as many ways as they can.

This was the first year that Purdue Federal had assembled a team for the relay, but members have been racing in the La Porte Relay for Life for longer as individuals. As a team, Purdue Federal set a goal of raising $1000 and ended up exceeding that goal by over $300; all of which went to Relay for Life.

They kicked off the fundraising effort by doing candy sales, bake sales, selling essential oils from Earthside Essential and donating items that were auctioned off at the event. They also sold that ubiquitous summertime outdoor-venue classic, Dippin’ Dots, and one of the runners made customized bracelet keychains.

At the event itself, all Purdue Federal team members could be seen dressed in their ‘Cancer Avengers’ t-shirts, showcasing their commitment to fighting this disease that impacts so many lives in the world. The Relay saw the community, as well as friends and family, coming together to support the Cancer Avengers and everyone else raising money for this vital cause.

Many of the employees at Purdue Federal took up this cause because of its personal impact on their lives. For instance, Carolyn Probasco got involved because she had lost her husband to colon cancer, and her mother to lung cancer as well; her father also survived throat cancer.

“There aren’t a lot of people who haven’t been affected by cancer in some capacity in this community,” she said. “We also have some members who are very close that are survivors, but still have to battle it from time to time.”

Others, like Karlie Drinski, joined to honor family members who were survivors, in this case her uncle, Craig Drinski.

“We just really want to help those affected to live better lives, and hopefully one day we’ll find a cure,” Probasco said.