Pulse Technology is Bringing Tech to the Forefront in NWI

Pulse Technology is Bringing Tech to the Forefront in NWI
By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: December 27, 2018

As Northwest Indiana’s business community continues to grow and flourish, so too does the need for excellent, knowledgeable tech companies that can help those companies thrive. Today’s digital world requires capable guidance, as potential issues and threats from hackers and viruses are always around the corner. Pulse Technology—the combined forces of Des Plaines Office Equipment, McShane’s Business Solutions, and Kramer & Leonard—is here to lead the charge.

Chip Miceli, President of Des Plaines Office Equipment, described the joining of forces with McShane’s and Kramer & Leonard as the smart way to build each company’s presence, plus the best way to service the Region’s tech needs. Building on the experience and relationships of Brian McShane, President and now retired CEO of McShane’s, and Greg Fox, President of Kramer & Leonard, Miceli is confident in Pulse Technology’s ability to offer a complete one-stop-shop for every business’s needs.

“We’re bringing technology to the forefront in Northwest Indiana,” Miceli said.

Since 1955, Des Plaines Office Equipment has maintained a strong legacy as a major service and product provider in Illinois. With McShane’s 97-year-old legacy as an office supplier and Kramer & Leonard’s 35-year-old one as an office furniture and supplies provider, the culmination of Pulse Technology makes for a company that offers nearly 200 years of experience.

One way that the company is evolving is through its network management resources.

“There’s such a need for IT out here that it’s unbelievable. A lot of local companies do break/fix, but they don’t manage problems in IT,” Miceli explained. “Having that guy that you call up when something breaks is not what you need today—you need someone that will come in and help your organization function better, offering constant guidance for your networks.”

Pulse Technology has a call center for troubleshooting technological difficulties; in the case of more extensive issues, a technician is dispatched to the business to tackle the problem head on. However, explained Miceli, mechanical issues aren’t the primary problem children anymore—network issues and hackers are. That’s why Pulse Technology offers expansive IT services.

“The common mistake most people make is that they don’t back up everything, so when they do have a problem, they find that they’ve lost much of their data,” Miceli said. “Or when someone hacks into them via ransomware, they find then that they have to pay for their data and they may not be able to get it back. We have put together a lot of information, resources, and products to make sure that does not happen.”

Pulse Technology even offers classes to help businesses navigate potential threats to security. Is that email you’re about to open legitimate, or a hacking scam? Experienced and energetic team members from Pulse can help you decipher the difference.

“Every company, large and small, is far more dependent on their technology working to make their people productive than ever before. The challenges to all of that working together have never been greater,” said Chris Mahlmann, Founder of Ideas in Motion Media. “[Pulse Technology's] ability to provide that peace of mind from servers, desktops, printers, phones, and display solutions is comprehensive.”

Aside from network management, Pulse Technology will continue to provide office supplies, furniture, and all forms of technology equipment to the area. The team knows there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to technology or business. The least they can do to understand their clients’ needs; the best they can do is find the solution among their large array of products and services.

“We understand the products you need, we profile the products you need, and we listen to what you need,” Miceli said.

Even though they’re “shaking things up” with a new name and bigger team, Miceli wants people to know that company roots are still firmly planted.

“When you look at the name Pulse Technology, I think it comes across as a Fortune 500 type of company,” Miceli said. “I want people to know that we have the local environment on our minds. McShane’s and Kramer & Leonard are family businesses, we’re a family business. Pulse Technology is still keeping that family tradition but bringing in the resources and advantages of a larger company.”

“I’ve enjoyed learning about your history, and I can see how Kramer & Leonard and McShane’s were such a good fit for your company culture,” Mahlmann said to Miceli. “You’ve led multiple generations of team members and you’ve learned from each one. I think I speak for us all when I say I’m excited to see what Pulse Technology does next.”

Stay tuned for Pulse Technology’s fresh website in 2019. Here is a sneak peek on everything they have to offer.