Porter Health Care System Announces Expansion in Valparaiso

By: Porter Regional Hospital Last Updated: July 15, 2014

Steve-Lunn-and-Jon-CostasValparaiso Mayor Jon Costas and Porter Health Care System CEO Steve Lunn share their enthusiasm about Porter's announcement to expand medical services in Valparaiso.

Today, Porter Health Care System announced plans to expand medical services with a full-service 24/7 Emergency Department to its Valparaiso Medical Center located on the corner of Roosevelt Road and Glendale Blvd. in Valparaiso. The new emergency department will feature 10 exam rooms, including one trauma room, and will be located adjacent to critical ancillary services including lab, x-ray and Porter's new wide-bore MRI. The new emergency department will also offer Porter's 30-Minutes-Or-Less ER Service Pledge.

"Porter Health Care System has always been committed to keep quality medical services within the City of Valparaiso," said Porter Health Care System CEO Steve Lunn. "Although we are still in the planning phases, the expansion will add square footage, enlarging the current medical facility and allowing for an overall enhancement to the façade. For added convenience to our patients and their families, there will also be a separate entrance to the Emergency Department with a new family waiting and reception area."

Valparaiso Medical Center is a comprehensive medical facility that currently includes fully accredited diagnostic imaging and lab services, as well as the APEX Award-winning Chandana Outpatient Surgery Center, the nationally certified Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program and a host of physician offices. With the new expansion, the center will create new construction jobs and the need for additional quality medical personnel.

"The expansion of these vital services here in Valparaiso is a tremendous benefit to our citizens," said Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas. "We appreciate the additional expertise that Porter has brought to our community with their new hospital, as well as these expanded facilities."

Porter Health Care System currently has two emergency departments located in Porter Regional Hospital and Portage Hospital. The system's emergency room doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are specially trained to quickly assess and treat medical emergencies by providing prompt, efficient and compassionate care 24 hours a day. With a continued commitment to keep wait time to a minimum, Porter offers the 30-Minutes-Or-Less ER Service Pledge at both facilities.