Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ MUAC Updates

Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ  MUAC Updates

Since the last update, Marian University Ancilla College has celebrated the first annual commencement, begun construction of the Bachelor of Nursing Simulation lab, elapsed our first-year operating, received approval for a new academic program, and announced the upcoming Changing Lives Scholarship Dinner. All of this would not be possible without the community’s continued support. 

Thank you all for your contributions this year. We are proud to
welcome our first graduating class to the workforce. Seventy five students
representing seven degree program areas graduated during spring commencement. 

 For those who will continue on in their education, they have new opportunity pathways in transitioning to Marian University Indianapolis—
for the next four semesters, those who continue with Marian will maintain a reduced tuition saving of more than $35,000 towards their
bachelor’s degree of choice.

Many of you have already heard about the upcoming Changing Lives Scholarship Dinner. This time-honored gathering directly supports
students in need with leadership mentoring and scholarships. I am delighted to share that the honoree will be Todd Zeltwanger. Todd dedicated over ten years to creating and deepening relationships with the many stakeholders of the college.

In Fall 2023, Marian University Ancilla College will offer a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. The need for teachers is at an alltime high. Across K-12 education, there is a shortage of teachers. Our future generations are in need of a distinguished education to prepare them to become transformational leaders.