PNC Student Improv Group Performs December 6th

Ranting-Llamas-2013The Purdue University North Central student improv club, The Ranting Llamas, will perform on Dec. 6 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the PNC Library-Student-Faculty Faculty Building Assemble Hall, Room 02. Admission is $1, which will be used by the club to help purchase props and other items that will help the ensemble enhance its performances.

The evening will feature some new games that have not yet been presented publically and welcome some new members to perform.

The Ranting Llamas student improv group has been performing for three years. It presents that presents a unique comedy experience that is appropriate for all ages and outlooks. Comedy situations are made up on the spot and the audience is often incorporated into a scene. Sometimes a situation is suggested by the audience and the actors build off of it, which makes improv a fun for actors and non-actors alike. A simple word, action or an idea can be the basis of a skit performed by one member of the group or the entire ensemble - concepts like throwing snowballs, riding a bus, walking a dog or staying awake in class can all be become the basis for a comedy routine.

The Ranting Llamas cast includes Devon Hogan, Chesterton; Alex Parry, Valparaiso; Nate Werner, Union Mills; Drew Holt, Michigan City; Haley Jackson, LaPorte; Justin Garetto, Wantagh; Justin Knoll, LaPorte; Rachel Rogers, Michigan City; Becca Lafollette, Valparaiso; Leah Gladkowski, Wheaton, Ill.; Carly Houlton, Michigan City; Diane Rich, LaPorte; Bridget Dudley, Chesterton; CieAna Marsh, LaPorte; Erik Sturgeon, Chesterton; Angela Barreto, New Carlisle and Jane Davis-Bey, Michigan City.