Physician Contribution Benefits Cancer Care Fund

Physician-Contribution-Benefits-Cancer-Care-Fund-2018Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Gus Galante, MD, has made a $900 donation to the Women’s Diagnostic Center of Community Hospital. The contribution to the breast diagnostic imaging fund will help local women – those without insurance and who otherwise couldn’t afford it - receive imaging and biopsy services at the Women’s Diagnostic Center.

The donation was generated from a percentage of the proceeds from Dr. Galante’s breast patient cases during the month of October – Breast Cancer Awareness month. Raising breast cancer awareness has been an important ongoing cause for Dr. Galante.

“Like so many other people in our community, I have family members who have had breast cancer and have gone through treatment and reconstruction,” Galante said. “As a plastic surgeon, this is just one way I am able to give back.”

“We’re working to help women believe the truth that early detected breast cancers can be treated successfully,” said Mary Nicholson, MD, medical director of the Women’s Diagnostic Center. “Our goal is to ease our patients’ minds, alleviate their stress and fear and replace it with confidence in care that’s close to home. This funding will enable us to serve many more with the care they need.”

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