PGA Jr. League offers recreational and competitive aspects of golf

PGA Jr. League offers recreational and competitive aspects of golf
By: Julia Demma Last Updated: August 25, 2019

Many refer to golf as a recreational sport. On the other hand, when thinking  of traveling golf, or traveling sports in general, there tends to be a more competitive-based stigma surrounding the term. But what if there was a program that offered both?

At Sand Creek Country Club, the PGA Junior league program does just that. PGA Jr. League is a game-changing opportunity for boys and girls from the ages 8-13 to learn and play golf. The program brings family and friends together around fun and team building golf experiences with expert coaching from PGA and LPGA Professionals.

Starting at the beginning of May and running until the end of July, kids of all experience levels are welcomed at Sand Creek to practice. During this time, kids experience more of the club aspects of the sport, which is centered on recreation rather then competition.

“The PGA Jr. League program was designed to introduce kids to the game of golf and give them more of a team feel as they learn,” said Jill McCoy, Director of Golf Instruction at Sand Creek Country Club. “Younger kids also have the opportunity to be mentored by the older, more experienced kids within the club.”

The league emphasizes that you don’t need to be a professional or advanced golfer in order to participate.

“The PGA Junior League is really for anyone to try out. We accept both beginners and more advanced participants,” McCoy explained. “It’s a fun opportunity to come out and learn the game of golf with your friends. You don’t need to have a perfectly well-rounded game to participate.”

Similar to club golf, there is more of a ‘learn as you go’ feel that the curriculum aims to follow.

“We teach them everything they need to know as they continue to become acclimated to the game of golf,” said McCoy.

On the other hand, kids also get to experience traveling around the Region and visiting different courses.

“During the regular season, kids who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to travel around the area are given the opportunity to hop around and see different golf courses, rather than staying put where they normally play. This tends to really gets the kids excited and pulls their interest,” said McCoy.

During the post-season, an All-star team is formed with one golfer from each winning team of the league. Beyond the normal season, the all-stars can play up to about 30 other teams in the state and compete in a sectional qualifier, regional qualifier, and a national tournament in Arizona that takes place in October.

“The post-season competition is the more competitive aspect of the program. It gives the more serious and advanced golfers a chance to compete with others in Indiana,” said McCoy.

If your child may be interested in experiencing both club and travel-based golfing, early registration is highly recommended, as the PGA Junior League teams are usually filled by May 1st.  Registration opens at the beginning of February 2020 for PGA Junior League golf.  Interested golfers and their parents are encouraged to contact Sand Creek Country Club with questions about PGA Junior League golf as well as Sand Creek’s family membership opportunities at 219-395-5200.