Petey’s Last Day at Michiana Humane Society

By: Michiana Humane Society Last Updated: June 18, 2015

Michiana-Humane-Scoiety-Petey-Collage-2015On June 18th, Petey is at the Michigan City Animal Hospital for his neuter surgery, and June 19th he goes to his new home!

We wanted his last full day at the shelter to be special. Karen fed him his dinner.

Petey asked Toby the office cat "was your dinner as special as mine?"

Petey also helped Vicki at the front desk. Imagine callers' surprise when Petey answered the phone!

Of course this is all in good fun! Petey has been an excellent resident at the Michiana Humane Society, and we are thrilled and delighted with his progress. Many of you receiving this e-mail played a crucial role in his recovery with your donations. We want you to know how very appreciated that is, and what a great impact you made on Petey's life, and on the lives of other animals we have not yet met.

I know you join us in wishing Petey the very happiest of lives with his new forever family!