Patrick’s Grille’s filet is a delicious, highly recommended meal

Patrick’s Grille’s filet is a delicious, highly recommended meal

Patrick’s Grille is a 21 and over American restaurant in Michigan City. I was presented with the opportunity to taste test a steak dinner, and was blown away by the exquisite taste of everything that was placed in front of me. 

When I walked into the establishment, I could feel the classy, yet comfortable atmosphere. Some customers were wearing nice t-shirts and shorts, while others donned nicer blouses and heels. Patrick’s Grille strives to create a chic and contemporary vibe that is suitable for any occasion, and I believe they did exactly that. 

The employees that I interacted with were extremely kind, welcoming, and attentive. This emphasized the classy and comfortable atmosphere of the establishment. 

A steak dinner comes with your choice of soup or salad. All of the soups are freshly made in-house, and all dressings are also made from scratch in-house. 

The Italian dressing that I poured over the beautifully presented salad tasted wonderful. I also appreciated that the dressing came on the side of the salad, so I was able to decide how much or how little dressing was on the dish. 

A steak dinner at Patrick’s Grille includes your choice of New York Strip steak, Ribeye, or Filet Mignon. All steaks served at Patrick’s Grille have always been 21-day wet-aged black Angus high choice and are hand-trimmed. The steaks come with the option to add enhancements to the meat. Some enhancements include bleu cheese, bearnaise, portabella mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted garlic butter, and onion straws. 

After speaking with the general manager, Julie, and my server, Kay, about what they would recommend, I decided to try the Filet Mignon with the enhancement of onion straws. 

Customers are also able to choose one side to accompany their meal. After a little bit of searching, I found the options of baked potato, french fries, rice pilaf, linguine, or double baked potato. 

Once again, I looked to my server for guidance and found that there were more side options than what was listed on the menu. After hearing all of the options and enhancements that could be made to the sides, I decided to try the sweet potato tater tots. 

After ordering my food, I was able to enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant as I ate my salad. Before I was able to finish my salad or even touch the basket of bread, I knew it was on the way from the mouth-watering scent that filled the air. The meal was served with asparagus that accompanied the flavor of the steak beautifully. The vegetable that is served alongside the meal changes seasonally. 

The steak was covered in crispy onion straws that sat next to a pile of sweet potato tater tots that were just above the asparagus. The meal was presented beautifully, and I could not wait to taste it. 

I cut the steak and made sure that the onion straws did not fall off of my fork as I got ready to take my first bite, and the steak melted in my mouth. The contrast between the crispy onion straws and the flavorful filet that melted in my mouth created a wonderful taste that is almost indescribable. 

The sweet potato tater tots were the perfect amount of crunchy and creamy. When my server, Kay, came to check on me and take away any unused dishes, she informed me that many customers enjoy the sweet potato tater tots with the in-house-made honey mustard. I told her I would love to try it, and I was pleasantly surprised. The honey mustard was slightly tangier than expected, but it complimented the sweetness of the tots wonderfully. 

I was able to enjoy the rest of my meal within the classy and calm atmosphere of the establishment. After I finished my meal, I realized the food came out so quickly I never got a chance to try the bread, so I ate the appetizer as dessert. The bread was surprisingly still warm and tasted amazing. It was a wonderful way to end my meal, so I can only imagine how great it would be to begin a meal.

If you are able, I highly recommend dining at Patrick’s Grille. For more information regarding menu items or to make reservations, visit