Patrick’s Grille: the only stop a customer needs for a classy, comfortable experience

Patrick’s Grille: the only stop a customer needs for a classy, comfortable experience

There is something to be said about a restaurant that both delivers a sophisticated dining experience and provides guests with a space to relax and be themselves. At Patrick’s Grille, guests don’t have to sacrifice comfort for elegance or gourmet. At Patrick’s Grille, guests get to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

When a guest first walks into Patrick’s Grille, the atmosphere is probably the most telling about what to expect from the dining experience. The real linen napkins and tablecloths are pictures of sophistication and the carefully decorated walls depicting city skylines provide a chicness unique to fine dining establishments. At the same time, the cool, blue tones, cozy fireplaces, and gorgeous bar surrounded by welcoming stools invite guests to relax and feel at home. Patrick’s Grille provides the class while you get comfortable. 

Because Patrick’s Grille is 21+, it is the perfect location for a more mature, quiet experience. The maturity and quiet make the space feel sophisticated while at the same time comfortably intimate–perfect for a first date, anniversary, or catching up with friends. 

“It’s not like some restaurants where it’s loud and there’s a lot going on. You can come in and have a conversation–you can hear the people across from you. It’s just very intimate,” said Julie Krause, events and catering manager. 

What also sets apart the Patrick’s Grille dining experience is its committed staff who strive to give each guest a special experience. 

“We aren’t just a place to go eat dinner–we're a place to dine and have an experience. We assume that the second somebody walks in that they're going to be here for at least two hours. This could be their night out or their engagement or they could be celebrating graduation from college. There are so many things that people come to celebrate, so we want to make each dining experience special,” said Krause. 

The Patrick’s Grille staff is more than happy to give guests’ evenings an extra touch to make them that much more special. On more than one occasion, Patrick’s Grille has helped a couple take their date to the next level by adding flowers or making special arrangements. All a guest has to do is ask ahead of time. 

“We had a young couple come in early when we first opened, and the young man wanted to propose. He asked for a specific booth, and we set them up with the flowers and did everything to help make it special. He proposed and now they like to come back on their anniversary. We’ll make those same arrangements to help recreate that special moment,” said Krause. 

The staff’s passionate attention is intended to make guests feel as well taken care of as they would during any fine dining experience, but as comfortable as they would walking into the house of a close friend. 

“We've become such a family with our customer base. On a Wednesday night, we know who's going to be sitting in our bar and where they're going to be sitting, and through that, we’ve all created friendships with each other outside of here,” said Krause. 

Not to be forgotten is the menu. The Patrick’s Grille menu is full of classic, comforting dishes that are taken to the next level by the restaurant’s world-class chef. All sauces and soups are made in-house, while all steaks are 21-day wet aged, never frozen, and cut in-house. 

Patrick’s Grille has ultimately come to be known as a restaurant that provides all the pleasures of a high-quality fine dining restaurant in a casual, comfortable way. It’s perfect for all occasions and gatherings and is an experience nobody will want to miss out on. 

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