Patrick’s Grille looks to turn heads with new menu

Patrick’s Grille looks to turn heads with new menu

Patrick’s Grille is looking to prove that variety is the spice of life.

The entire staff put their heads together to add several new items to the menu. When it came to figuring out what to put on the menu, there was just one goal in mind –to keep their customers happy.

“Variety is great for the waiting staff and the customers,” said Rick Bruggeman, Executive Chef. “We have a lot of new stuff, and I hope customers give the new items a shot. Our main goal is to make sure they enjoy every bite of their meal.”

The largest changes occurred in the dessert section. New additions include chocolate cake, weekly rotating crème brûlée, and a made-from-scratch rotating dessert.

“There's always room for dessert, even if you don't know it right away,” Bruggeman said. “We are always looking for ways to put the cherry on top of everyone's night, figuratively and literally.”

Further changes were made to appetizers and entrees. New items include a BBQ chicken wrap, cajun steak bites, and a variety of salads and sandwiches. According to Bruggeman, both new and old items have been selling very well. 

One heavily requested item was the Thunderbird salad, which is not a brand-new item, but many customers asked for it to return to the menu.

Not everything at Patrick’s Grille saw changes, however. There were only a few minor changes to the dinner menu. 

“We have a lot of regulars here, who are happy with our old and new items,” Bruggeman said. “We are most well-known for our steaks and fresh fish.”

Bruggeman and the rest of the staff are already brainstorming the next changes they will make to the menu. 

“We have some big ideas coming,” Bruggeman said. “I am happy with how everything has been received so far, but I am excited to try to top it.”

To learn more about Patrick’s Grille and to check out the updated menu, click here.