Patrick’s Grille celebrates its 5th anniversary

Patrick’s Grille celebrates its 5th anniversary

This year, Patrick’s Grille in Michigan City is celebrating its fifth anniversary. The local restaurant has been successful in the past five years because of three important reasons outlined by General Manager, Julie Krause.

“We really care about what we’re doing here,” Krause said. “We care about the quality of the food, the atmosphere, and the service. We really pour our whole hearts into it.”

Perhaps the most obvious quality that has prompted the restaurant’s success can be found in its carefully curated menu. The restaurant’s founder, Patrick Wilkins, is proud to call Indiana home, but he also enjoys going to new places and has traveled across the globe. During his travels, he was inspired to bring back the diverse flavors and incorporate them into the menu at Patrick’s Grille.

A few of these inspired menu items include certain steaks, oyster shooters, and a shrimp cocktail sauce. According to Rick Bruggeman, affectionately known as Chef Rick, they have one of the largest craft beer lineups in Michigan City, which sets them apart from the competition.

Patrick’s Grille also recently began an effort to integrate Indiana’s local produce into the menu. 

“We’re doing something with a local farmer now,” Bruggeman said. “We’re doing roasted tomatoes, and that is going over really well. People like the local flavor.”

Patrick’s Grille is marketed as having an ‘upscale casual atmosphere’ that has attracted customers since the restaurant’s inception. 

“We’ve created our own little family,” Krause said. “You know, you get your regulars, and it’s a friendly atmosphere. A lot of our servers have been with us since the day we opened. When people come in, they’re not coming for dinner. They’re coming for a dining experience.”

This friendly atmosphere paired with great service is not only present in the restaurant’s building, but also extends into the community. 

“Rick and I have both been in this industry for a long time,” Krause said. “The good thing about Patrick is he lets Rick and I do our thing, so we’ve been able to reach out to the community. That’s something we love.”

Patrick’s Grille offers catering and also started a summertime grille called Sunset Grille that is located right by the beach in Michigan City. Sunset Grille is open every year from May until September.

Patrick’s Grille has found ways to expand their services as a food provider, and immerse themselves in the community through volunteering. The list of organizations and projects they have served is extensive. Patrick’s Grille has worked with the zoo, Salvation Army, ‘Shop with a Cop,’ ‘Deserving Children,’ United Way of Porter County, ‘Toys for Tots,’ and more.

The food, atmosphere, and service Patrick’s Grille provide both within its restaurant and out in the community has contributed to its five years of success. Bruggeman and Krause look forward to the next five years of working with the staff to maintain a place for customers to come and enjoy a wonderful dining experience.