Patrick’s Grille: Only the Best for Their Guests

Patrick’s Grille: Only the Best for Their Guests
By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: September 14, 2016

When it comes to fine dining with a casual atmosphere, Patrick’s Grille is the place to go in Michigan City. The true quality that you’ll find at Patrick’s is in the exquisite dishes that are made from the finest ingredients and unlike anything else you could find in the area.

Patrick’s uses the highest quality meats in every dish that they prepare. They source their meat from the notable Double R Ranch located in the Pacific Northwest. Mild summers and winters, and an abundance of natural resources make this the ideal spot to raise the highest quality beef.

“It’s a Choice Black Angus, 21 day wet aged beef,” said Patrick's Grille General Manager, Julie Gill. “We always know where our beef is coming from and it’s never frozen.”

From Double R Ranch come slabs of beef that the Patrick’s Grille Chefs then hand carve and trim to weight so you know you’re getting exactly what you order. There’s no vacuum packed or factory-style meat served at Patrick’s Grille.

Patrick’s Grille gets their fish from a company in the Upper Peninsula where their products are shipped straight from the boat without any delay or freezing. The difference between fish that you would order in other restaurants that may have been frozen for a month or two is noticeable from the fresh-caught selections available at Partick’s.

“Our fish is always flown in fresh and brought down to us so it’s never frozen,” Gill said. “From the time that it’s caught, within 48 hours it’s in our coolers.”

Beyond the main dishes featured at Patrick’s Grille, all of the desserts, dressings, sauces and soups that you can enjoy are all made from scratch. All of the vegetables that Patrick’s uses are also fresh and never frozen.

Gill also spoke about Chef Rick, who runs the kitchen at Patrick’s Grille and has been in the business for many years.

“Chef Rick has been a chef for his whole career. He started out at age 14 knowing that’s what he wanted to do and he’s always been in the restaurant industry. He spent over 20 years with Pottawattamie Country Club so he specialized to the same crowd day in and day out. He was used to catering to their needs and that’s the same thing we bring here.”

“If someone wants something specific and it’s not on our menu, if we can make it happen we will. We try to bring that same feeling to life here.”

To taste the difference for yourself, visit Patrick’s Grille in Michigan City at 4125 S. Franklin Street. For more information on specials visit Patrick’s Grille website here or call at (219) 873-9401