Paladin putts for a purpose with 2022 golf outing

Paladin putts for a purpose with 2022 golf outing

From across the green, you can hear it: praises for the clear sky and beautiful weather. You can smell it: the fresh dew on the tee grass at the Beechwood Golf Course. You can see it: smiling golfers getting registered for Wednesday’s Paladin golf outing with help from employees and Paladin individuals.

Coming back from a hiatus after the pandemic, Paladin hosted its golf outing in support of the Paladin community and its purpose to support adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“Today’s event is a fundraising event. We work with folks diagnosed with intellectual delay. We also work with young kids through preschool programs,” Paladin President and CEO Steve Hobby said. “All the people who came out today are supporting our cause so we can continue our mission.”

Paladin Golf Outing 2022

Paladin Golf Outing 2022 53 Photos
Paladin Golf Outing 2022Paladin Golf Outing 2022Paladin Golf Outing 2022Paladin Golf Outing 2022

As a way to get involved, Paladin participants referred to as Paladin individuals, assisted golfers at check-in, managed raffle tickets, and accompanied Paladin employees under the pavilion to show their appreciation.

“It means a lot to me to have our individuals out here welcoming the golfers as they arrive and seeing the community come together to support [our] non for profit,” said Kimberly Latchford, Vice President of Paladin.

Because of the pause, Hobby is hoping to reconnect with fundraisers and the community through recent management changes. In anticipation of making the event annual, he is looking forward to collaborating and organizing the outing for years to come.

“Getting back with the people who are supporting us, getting to know them, and trying to engage them into Paladin and thank them for today,” Hobby said.

A variety of teams participated in the 2022 outing from across Northwest Indiana in addition to drink cart and hole sponsors. To show their encouragement, Gregg Kowalski and his team at Sauers Buick GMC signed up.

“We’re happy to be able to participate in this great, outstanding event,” Kowalski said. “Maybe we can take the gold back to our sponsor. That’s what we’d love to do.”

For participants like Indiana Senator Mike Bohacek, Paladin’s golf outing brings along personal impact as it does to many families across the Region.

“My daughter has down syndrome, and she participates in Paladin,” Bohacek said. “I’m impressed with the program, I’m impressed with what they do. Organizations like this, the community has to get behind.”

Bohacek hopes to spread Paladin’s message on and off the course.

“My goal for today is to get some awareness out there, and get some more members of the community aware of what Paladin does,” he said.

Latchford’s goal is similar.

“Getting our name out there and educating people who might not be familiar with the wonderful services that we provide throughout La Porte County,” she said.

Being involved in the fundraiser for the first time has Hobby wanting Wednesday’s outing to be a hole-in-one.

“I’m excited to see how the day will go, and thankfully, the day is marvelous,” Hobby said.
The Paladin team extended its many thanks to Beechwood Golf Course for hosting space for such a meaningful event.

To learn more about Paladin, discuss its mission, or schedule a tour, call 219-874-4288. Stay connected with Paladin on the web here.