Paladin Celebrates Anniversary with Paladin Day 2018

Paladin Celebrates Anniversary with Paladin Day 2018
By: Paris Buslon Last Updated: July 24, 2018

Paladin Incorporated is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to supporting self-sufficiency and a meaningful life for all. They have served Northwest Indiana for approximately 50 years. On July 1, 2017, Michiana Resources, Parents & Friends, and the LaPorte County Council on Aging merged to form Paladin. Friday celebrated Paladin Day, which brought together the community for a field day of fun.

Marketing and Development Officer Erin Mooneyhan said Paladin Day celebrates the merger.

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“At Paladin, we have day, residential, respite and children's services, employment support and assisted technology, along with music and art opportunities for people with disabilities,” said Mooneyhan. “It’s like a big field day for the individuals and for the staff. We have all sorts of recreational games, a photo booth, a face-painting area, karaoke, and smartboards for other games. It’s a fun day to celebrate who we are.”

Smiles filled the rooms where activities took place. People sang and laughed with each other as they competed with one another in ping-pong and karaoke sing-offs.

Paladin believes in putting people first. They believe in self-determination by empowering people with the support needed to make informed decisions and choices. Paladin’s primary mission is to serve as determined advocates for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

“At Paladin, we have day and residential services, employment opportunities, assisted technology and other opportunities for people with disabilities,” said Mooneyhan.

Paladin President and CEO Bill Trowbridge said Paladin was formed last year, and has since become an incredible organization that provides opportunities to all.

“Paladin itself is defined as an advocate for a worthy cause, which is perfect because we serve persons with developmental disabilities,” said Trowbridge. “Without organizations like ours, we would have people at home all day, staring at TV’s. Here, we provide remediation, job training, job supports, opportunities to provide daily living skills- all the things needed to be independent in the community. We want people to learn a little bit more than from what they knew yesterday.”

Trowbridge says Paladin is important to help the underserved population.

“We help a population that can fly under the radar and it’s probably one of the most vulnerable ones out there that doesn’t have a lot of resources to help them. Paladin Day represents this,” said Trowbridge. “We are going to be there for that exact population, and to provide what they need.”

Paladin lives by core values that emulate strength and helping others. They believe in putting people first, and that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. They promote visionary leadership that exemplify accountability, honesty and open communication. Paladin stimulates community participation and that all people have the rights to live, learn, work, play and worship in a safe and healthy community. They want to conduct their business with integrity that reflects excellence in all that they do.

There are several ways to give back to Paladin. Donations are welcome, and with those gifts, Paladin will continue to work to protect the rights of people with disabilities and support their inclusion in the community. Next month, the Northwest Indiana community is welcome to participate in the Co-Ed Slow Pitch Softball Tournament on August 25th at Patriot Park in Michigan City. All proceeds will benefit individuals with disabilities.

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