Opera At The Acorn

I-PagliacciI Pagliacci Presented by Harbor Arts & Robert Swan
Philip Bauman, Music Director with members of the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra

This opera provides drama, action, emotional music and more.

The audience will find it to be a short (2 acts), Italian opera. There will be English translation with super-titles, soloists who evoke enormous emotion, a star-studded chorus, memorable orchestral feats and the enjoyment of an intimate theater setting.

Sponsored by The Pokagon Fund & New Buffalo Savings Bank

Tickets: acorntheater.com, 269-756-3879
Last year's opera sold out; buy tickets now

Open Dress Rehearsal, $20
Wednesday, August 15, 8 pm EST (MI time)


  • Friday, August 17, 8 pm EST, $35
  • Saturday, August 18, 8 pm EST, $35
  • Acorn Theater, 107 Generations Dr. Three Oaks, Michigan