#NWITweetup Gathering for 1st “Duneland Bonfire”

lake-michigan-bonfire3-e1345732479727A few of use were talkin’ that although most of us live near near or along the third coast, most of us don’t spend enough time up along its shores. Well, with the next #NWITweetup / #nwidrinkup / #nwisnapup / #nwibonfire / #nwinwiness / #nwiwhateveryouwanttocallit event, we’re remedying that. I’m calling it “The 1st Annual Duneland Bonfire,” because I’m hopeful…

The Duneland Bonfire is not really a tweetup, but that’s probably what makes it a great meetup event. A few of us are meeting up on Kemil Beach and having a bonfire while there’s still days in the summer to do so. We’ll have some firewood, vegetarian marshmellows (ask Sarah Highlan), and a potluck of goodies – provided you remember to bring some. Who is “you?” YOU! The one reading this. Community it is!

Click over to the NWITweetup website for details.