NWI Nephrology offers kidney care close to home in Gary

NWI Nephrology offers kidney care close to home in Gary
By: Stacey Kellogg Last Updated: March 17, 2019

Physicians have been seeing patients for about three months at the brand new NWI Nephrology office in Gary, but everything there is still shiny new as the practice continues to grow.

The new 1,500-square-foot facility at 1705 W. 25th Ave., Suite 201 in Gary opened to patients in January, offering an important specialty-care service near residential neighborhoods with easy access off I-94 at Grant Street.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide close-to-home care for our chronic kidney disease and dialysis patients,” said Jane Lloyd, practice operations manager for NWI Nephrology. Previously, patients in that area had to travel to their Hammond or Whiting location for care. “It is a great state-of-the-art facility geared toward patient comfort and convenience,” Lloyd said.

Nephrology is the medical specialty for kidneys. The clinic’s nephrologists, Dr. Gaurav Alreja and Dr. Gaurav Agarwal, care for patients who have chronic kidney disease and need ongoing or long-term kidney care. They also care for those who have acute kidney injuries such as a sudden loss of kidney function. Many factors can contribute to or are related to kidney disease or malfunction, including high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation of certain parts of the kidney, and repeated kidney infections over time. The physicians at NWI Nephrology are tuned into the patient’s overall health, working closely with their primary care and other doctors to be able to manage these conditions alongside the kidney disease.

Patients who are cared for at the new Gary office are benefiting from state-of-the-art, brand-new equipment. Hemodialysis – a common treatment for people with chronic or acute kidney disease – involves using a machine to purify the blood of waste like extra salt and water, essentially doing the work the kidneys would normally do. The new hemodialysis systems at the NWI Nephrology Gary office incorporate the latest technology with computerized systems and high-tech filters. While staff manage the complex technical and medical care, patients receiving treatments can relax in comfortable recliners.

The professionals at NWI Nephrology also offer peritoneal dialysis services at the office, and even in the home. With peritoneal dialysis, the body’s own belly lining as opposed to a machine acts as a natural filter to purify the blood. With both forms of dialysis, infection can occur, so physicians and nurses monitor this closely.

If your doctor has referred you for kidney care or dialysis connect with any of their 11 locations in Northwest Indiana by calling the general office at (219) 462-6001 or visiting http://www.nwinephrology.com.