NorthShore Health Centers partners with Dr. Mensur O. Sunje, M.D., M.S., to provide expert vein care

NorthShore Health Centers partners with Dr. Mensur O. Sunje, M.D., M.S., to provide expert vein care

NorthShore Health Centers is expanding their already wide variety of services by partnering with Dr. Mensur O. Sunje, M.D., M.S., of the Chicago Vein Institute.

From well-known conditions such as varicose veins and spider veins to less common but more dangerous conditions such as venous leg ulcers or edema, vein health is a critical part of your everyday wellbeing.

“About 60% of the general population have some problems with their veins,” Sunje said. “There are two main reasons we treat vein conditions. The first is to address the symptoms for cosmetic or comfort reasons. The second is to prevent complications, which can sometimes be life threatening.”

Vein conditions can eventually lead to critical complications, such deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms. In years past, treatment for vein conditions was often complicated, impractical, or came with a wide array of side effects. Now, the use of laser technology means that vein treatments are some of the safest and most effective procedures available, leaving no scarring and providing immediate results.

“The general public knowledge about these kinds of treatments is very low,” Sunje said. “We want people to know about the opportunities that are available.”

Treatment options can reduce the appearance of visible veins, help leg ulcers heal, and return your skin to a normal appearance, and treat conditions that can lead to skin discoloration and scarring. For Sunje, the most satisfying part of his job is seeing the patient’s reactions once they are finished with their treatment.

“Sometimes patients have been suffering through pain, cramps, and swelling for years,” he said. “After our intervention, you can really see how much better they’re feeling. That’s the most important thing to me and my team: helping these patients get rid of their symptoms and complications.”

Sunje has a lifetime of medical experience in hospitals and clinics around the world and noted that the most important part of any kind of medicine, wherever it is practiced, is keeping the patient informed and comfortable.

“The patient is at the center of our lives, everything we do is to help them,” he said. “From the very first time they contact us, we want them to feel welcomed and taken care of. Patients know when you’re genuinely interested in helping them and understand when you’re genuinely empathizing with them.”

His patient-first philosophy is part of why he is excited to be partnering with a clinic as mission-driven as NorthShore Health Centers. He was drawn to their goal of providing quality care to everyone regardless of income, insurance status, or other factors.

“The Chicago Vein Institute is the only private vein clinic in Chicago that takes Medicare and HMO. That’s why I was attracted to NorthShore,” he said. “If you work in medicine, you feel the best when you can help people in need. When you can offer people ways to improve their health that weren’t available to them before, that’s the biggest reward.”

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