Nonprofit Brings Organic Foods to Underserved Areas

Nonprofit Brings Organic Foods to Underserved Areas
By: ArcelorMittal Last Updated: March 14, 2018

ArcelorMittal is committed to supporting various organizations through its employee matching gifts program, Give Boldly. The program matches up to $1,500 per year, per employee, on charitable contributions to qualified nonprofit organizations. In 2017 through Give Boldly, 826 nonprofit organizations across the U.S. benefitted from nearly $2 million in employee donations and the company match.

One ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor employee, Caroline Martin, noted a nonprofit she cares deeply about - Bacon Swamp Farm, a grassroots nonprofit located in Indianapolis, her hometown.

The organization’s primary mission is to provide less-fortunate local residents with the opportunity to obtain healthy, locally-grown organic food, as well as teaching them how to grow healthy food and providing them with the tools and seeds they need for a home garden. They also raise chickens and make weekly egg donations to a homeless shelter. Last year, the farm also supplied one shelter with its first organic turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner.

In addition to growing organic fruits and vegetables, the farm would also like to raise free-range, organic chickens and turkeys to give to shelters and community members in need. Families who live in lower-income areas often have little access to healthy foods, either because of the cost or because some stores don’t offer them. Bacon Swamp Farm attempts to bridge the gap to provide families with organic foods that otherwise couldn’t obtain them.

“I choose to donate to this particular nonprofit because of their dedication to their mission,” said Caroline. “I am confident they will reach the goals they’ve set.”

Caroline added that many nonprofit organizations, such as Bacon Swamp Farm, rely heavily on donations. “As one person, I can only give so much, but with Give Boldly I can double that donation. I’m grateful that my employer, ArcelorMittal, provides employees with this opportunity to give back to our communities and making an even greater impact.”