No Fooling Independent Cat Society this Year!

By: Independent Cat Society Last Updated: April 6, 2015

purina-deliveryOn April Fool's Day this year the Independent Cat Society received a very nice surprise. Nothing like the ones we have received in the past where people drop off or dump several cats at the shelter. This year on Wednesday, April 1st, one of our volunteers looked up to see a large semi backing into the ICS parking lot. When they asked the truck driver what he had for us, he smiled and said 'four pallets of can cat food'. What wonderful news!

The ICS was aware it was to be receiving a large shipment of canned food as a prize they won in a recent contest they entered held by Purine Pet Foods wherein they were asked to share videos from their YouTube Channel with our Facebook followers. This contest was to help Purina Pet Foods kick off their new and improved YouTube Channel at Friskies which has many great videos about cats, funny things, and all sorts of cute stuff. From the entrants of the contest they chose five lucky shelters who had participated to win some pet food and the Independent Cat Society was one of the very lucky ones chosen to receive 20,000 cans of Friskies cat food.

Purina is also going to divide another 20,000 cans amongst other participating shelters. However, because the ICS had been told they would receive the shipment on Thursday, April 2nd, so they had lined up a group of volunteers with vehicles and even a small forklift to help unload the cans of food on Thursday and get it properly stored. When the food was delivered a day early some of the volunteers at the ICS shelter had to scramble to try and gather enough people to get this food off the pallets and safely stored away. It was hectic but these dedicated volunteers proved up to the task. As you can see from the attached photos there was a lot of food to be moved and stored and these wonderful volunteers accomplished the task.

This truly was a wonderful April Fool's Day for the cats of the Independent Cat Society. Thanks to Purina Pet Foods our kitties will eat well for some time. Thank you Purina!