New Prairie High School Update, March 13, 2018

By: New Prairie High School Last Updated: March 13, 2018

NPHS_Cafe_Conversations-1---2018-03-09_20_06_25 NPHS Cafe Conversations
Mrs. Sinka's English 10 Honors classes participated in Cafe' Conversations as a pre-writing activity for their Of Mice and Men literary analysis essays.

Renovated_Classrooms_at_NPHS-1---2018-03-09_20_05_51 Renovated Classrooms at NPHS
Students are enjoying the newly renovated classrooms! The Apple TVs are being used to engage students as they learn a new math skill. Students and teachers alike have been impressed with the improvements made in the classrooms. Everyone is excited to be in the updated rooms!

NPHS-Update-03-13-18_01 LEGO Protein Synthesis
This week, Mr. Hackett's Biology students used LEGOs to represent the full process of how the cell makes proteins from DNA.

NPHS-Update-03-13-18_02 NPHS AP Gov Creates Campaign Maps
Mrs. Murray's AP Government class created Presidency Treasure Maps that show the route from campaigning to taking the booty - winning the election!