Namaste, Mudathletes!

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: July 18, 2014

lauraleeYou all know that Anytime Fitness of Michigan City just went through some changes. There's more room, it's all squeaky clean, and there are now classes offered!

I went and tried out the new yoga class to help me get ready for the Mudathlon

What does yoga have to do with a muddy, energetic, insanely awesome obstacle course? Plenty. Let me explain.

Seeing as how I'll have to climb over, crawl under, scale, run around, jump through, and carefully navigate my way through all of the mud-covered obstacles on the course, I'll need to have good balance and flexibility to make the trek easier. 

Lauralee Sikorski, our instructor, took the class through some easy stretches and relaxing breathing exercises. It was soothing and we all felt refreshed afterward.

Yoga helps improve strength, flexibility, posture, and more. Stretching out your muscles helps to prevent injury and help you feel less stiff and tired. All of things are important -especially for Mudathlon. 

In addition, yoga has long been known to lower blood pressure, slowing the heart rate and it is been linked to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and better immune system function. This doesn't have much to do with Mudathlon but knowing the extra benefits is... beneficial. :)

But there's way more than just yoga offered on the roster at Anytime Fitness in Michigan City. They offer a lot of fun and kick-your-butt classes. Call them at (219) 878-8400 to find out more.

Good luck to everyone running the 2014 NWI Mudathlon!