My First Week as a Life Mom

image1Last Thursday I went for a checkup by a high risk doctor at Franciscan St. Anthony Crown Point just to be sure our little one was doing okay.

Quickly after the check they informed me my little girl was fine but my body had started to fail her. Although I was reassured I did nothing wrong it felt like someone had ripped my heart out.

I was then escorted to labor and delivery and prepped for an emergency C-section. I was so scared. Everything was happening so fast and certainly not the way I imagined it. Just about a hour after I arrived they were ready to go.

At 1:44pm on October 2nd Lilith Nada arrived into our world. A small 4 pounds 12 ounces let out a very loud cry. She was quickly checked over and she had high respiration so she was taken to the NICU. I was taken to recovery and already separated from my girl. Daddy went with baby girl to make sure she was okay.

Over the last several days we have had what most parents experience those first several days filled with many highs and lows. Her respiration finally leveled off after a couple days and eventually they were able to stop her IV and meds. She suffered three sleep apnea episodes but has been much better over the last two days.

I was finally sent home from the hospital so we have been going back and forth so we can spend as much time as we can with our little one. We have seen her first smile and she can burp like a champ!

Although it's never easy to see your child have to spend extra time in the hospital we know this is the best place for her. The nurses that work in the NICU at St. Anthony's have been so great. From the start I was so impressed. Carrie who cared for her the first night of her life and made sure that Mom was first to hold her.

She was three weeks early though and her body still has some catching up to do. Our little one has made big strides and I have no doubt she will be home with us very soon. As a new Mom it's an emotional roller coaster when your little one needs extra care. One thing I hold onto is that St. Anthony's NICU is the best place for her. I am still not sure how these nurses don't get attached to these little tiny babies. I can't wait to experience so many more first with our little girl.