Music and Trivia Fascinate Marquette Catholic High School

Music and Trivia Fascinate Marquette Catholic High School
By: Rory Neary Last Updated: January 23, 2019

What’s Happened?

To celebrate the Christmas season, the MQTT Singers and members of the choir performed in the annual Christmas Concert, themed “Hope!” Cody LaRocco, a recent addition to the choir, decided to join even though he was unsure about participating for a while.

“At the beginning of last semester, I was scheduled to take the chorus class. Surprisingly enough, I actually enjoyed it,” LaRocco said. “Though I may not be in chorus this semester, I know that I’ll continue to participate during school Mass because I find it fun.”

Caitie Gately commented on her favorite part: “I was able to bond with Kenzie Wangstrom, another soprano, and we performed at our absolute best.”

The Christmas Concert was amazing, thanks to the hard work of the MQTT Singers and Director Amy Crane.

Teacher Spotlight

Mr. Quentin Wadle is a seasoned teacher with a passion for theology and mathematics, having 20 years of experience, most of which in Catholic schools.

“I love to share the richness, simplicity, and depth of the teachings of Jesus Christ as He and the Holy Spirit have inspired gradually and unceasingly in the Church for almost 2,000 years,” Wadle said on why he chose Theology.

Wadle’s teaching philosophy is focused on making sure students are actively connected to the learning process.

“I want students to engage in their learning, to persevere in solving problems and be honest with themselves about how much work they need to show in a math problem or how many words they need to write to convey the fullness of what they mean,” Wadle said. “They must convince themselves that they have shown what they know to be true. I hope to help my students achieve that goal.”

This is Wadle’s third year teaching at MQTT, and his favorite aspect of the school is the strong Catholic identity.

His inspiration comes from his father, grandfathers, and an uncle who worked hard to provide for their families and admitted to their shortcomings. When he is not teaching, Wadle enjoys reading spiritual books and crime fiction, watching football with his family and friends, and working outdoors on landscaping.

Student spotlight

As a dedicated member of the MQTT choir, Marissa Delgado’s favorite part is her ability to touch others with her voice.

“I’m able to combine my voice with all the other beautiful voices to make amazing harmonies,” Delgado said.

“My grandfather is my main promoter. He is the one that showed me all the different types of music, from classical to pop to mariachi. He would begin to sing the songs then I would join in. Everyone has a happy place and singing is mine.”

Delgado’s favorite song is “Silent Night” as it was the first song her grandfather taught her to sing. Her inspiration comes from three important figures in her life: her grandparents and mother.

“I aspire to be as kind, hardworking, and loving as all three of them are.”

Delgado is a junior, and her favorite part about MQTT is its diversity. She is planning on traveling abroad this upcoming year with her school. When she’s not singing or traveling, Delgado plays tennis and is a volunteer at St. Bridget’s.

What’s Coming Up

While most focus on the sports’ teams of the winter, the academic teams at MQTT are in the midst of their season as well. Both the Quiz Bowl and Academic Super Bowl are gearing up for upcoming meets and competitions.

Ellie Williams is a member of both teams, and her favorite part is traveling to other schools and team building with her friends. Matt Malave, another member of both academic teams, said his favorite part is the feeling of answering a question correctly.

Academic Super Bowl is similar to Quiz Bowl, but the questions are not completely random. This year the theme is “The Fertile Crescent,” all about ancient times in the Middle East. Six different categories are related to the Fertile Crescent: mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, English, and all-around (includes all subjects).

“I like the idea and the difference compared to Quiz Bowl. Here we can study the information and have a better knowledge of what will be presented to the contestants,” said Sam Wadle, Academic Super Bowl participant.

Good luck this season to all our academic teams!