Mud, Sweat, and Tears

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: June 11, 2014

2013 mudathlon chLast year I ran the Northwest Indiana Mudathlon and had a blast doing it. This year makes me a second year veteran and since I know what I will be getting myself into, I thought it would be cool to chronicle the experience and the time leading up to it.

For those who have taken part in this "muckin' good time", you know that this isn't your average race. Running is only part of the deal. There are obstacles to deal with, and I don't just want to finish the race this year... I want to conquer it.

So I enlisted the help my people at Anytime Fitness and Extra Mile Fitness Company. I live in Crown Point so I joined the Anytime Fitness there, but a huge perk of Anytime is that I can workout anytime, anywhere. So I can go to different locations and workout if I want to, and I do. And Extra Mile Fitness Company has running and training programs for all types of races, Mudathon being one of them. And since my company Ideas in Motion Media is a proud partner of Anytime Fitness of Michigan City/La Porte, Extra Mile Fitness, and Mudathlon, I thought what the muck?

So my plan is to get cut and kill it at Mudathlon. Simple, right?


Yesterday (June 10, 2014) I drove out to Michigan City. Kevin Scott, H2I and certified personal trainer at the Anytime Fitness, is assisting me. He's going to help me get season tickets to the gun show (hehe).

I walk in and I jump on a treadmill to get the cardio part out of the way. I did a mile and ran most of it. Not bad for a novice runner.

I do some more cardio on another machine and then go in search of Kevin. When I find him I ask what sort of things I need to do to get ready for the Mudathlon because I'd like to make it through the race alive. He shoots workout ideas to me like jump lunges, TRX training,etc., that leave me with a "deer in headlights" look on my face.

Tri-Training-2Me: "I work in the basement. I'm not going to be able to make it up the stairs."

Kevin: *grins* "That's the idea."

...Oh no.

Lucky for me, Kevin had some prior commitments that day so I was off the hardcore workout hook. I made good use of the rest of my time there and did some leg work (squats, NONjump lunges, leg lifts, and a few more).

There's a photo on the right of the Motivation Wall at Anytime Fitness of Michigan City. Members wrote what their goals and motivations were to keep them healthy and fit. I didn't write it on there, but I'm motivated by the thought that I already started this crazy trip and I'm not going to quit until I cross that finish line whether it's running, walking or crawling. And I'm writing about it which means I have to be accountable to your, readers. If I don't keep up with the writing, you all will know it. And that's an embarrassment that I don't want to experience. I put myself in a corner on purpose.

Now that you are up to speed on my plans, please stick with me while I get ready to get muddy!

If you are looking to get in on the Mudathlon race, join my team! MuddLifers is a fun group and we'd love to have you with us! Click here to sign up!

FYI: Comments, workout suggestions, positive vibes, and clever one-liners are acceptable in the comments section below. :)