Michigan City to Curb Greenway, Lawn, and Sidewalk Parking

By: City of Michigan City Last Updated: March 18, 2015

michigan-city-sealThe Michigan City Police Traffic Division has initiated an attempt to control illegal greenway, lawn and sidewalk parking violations that are occurring within the city.

Greenway parking is described as the area between the city sidewalk and street in which in most cases is grass. Some of these areas are paved and graveled however it is still against City Ordinance to park.

Sidewalk parking is just that. Blocking or parking on a sidewalk.

The areas where driving or parking are prohibited are:

  • In a residential area or lot not zoned for residential use.
  • On or over street curbing other than driving over an approved cub cut to access a driveway.
  • On or over sidewalks other than driving over the sidewalk that is a part of an approved driveway.
  • In the front, side or rear yard, other than an approved driveway.
  • Over a “Greenbelt” or greenway (area between sidewalk and roadway)
  • Any place identified by appropriate signage as a “No Parking Area”.

Additionally unless authorized by specific signage, all vehicles shall be parked parallel with the street and not closer than six inches from the street side of the sidewalk. If no sidewalk exists, not more than two feet from the edge of the pavement.

In order to drive over any curbing into a yard or driveway there must be a “Curb Cut” otherwise you may not cross over the curb.

For examples of unauthorized yard parking it is described as follows:

YARD: An open space on the same lot with a building or structure unoccupied and unobstructed from its lowest level to the sky, except as otherwise permitted. A yard extends along a lot line, and to a depth or width specified in the yard requirements for the zoning district in which the lot is located, and shall not include that part in use as or to be used as a street.

FRONT YARD: A yard between the front line of the building and the street right-of-way, extending along the full length of the front lot line between the side lot lines, which shall not include that part in use or to be used as a street. On a corner lot, the front yard shall be along the street right of way that the front of the building faces or the shorter of the two front lot lines. The side street front yard shall also be considered a front lot line, but may be distinguished with separate requirements in the district.

INTERIOR SIDE YARD: A side yard which is located immediately adjacent to another lot or to an alley separating the side yard from another lot.

REAR YARD: A yard between the rear line of the building and the rear lot line, extending along the full length of the rear lot line between the side lot lines. In the case of a corner lot, the rear yard will be opposite the street frontage that the building faces or the shorter of the two front lot lines, but there shall be only one rear yard.

REQUIRED YARD: That portion of a lot that meets the required minimum front, side, or rear setback of the zoning district in which the property is located.

SIDE YARD: A yard extending along a side lot line from the front yard to the rear yard.


(4) PENALTY: For the Enforcement and towing of vehicles, the penalties are as follows:

Driving or parking in prohibited lawn and greenway is a $50.00 Fine. All other parking violations:

$15.00 If Paid within 24 Hours $25.00 If Paid 24 to 72 Hours, and after 72 hours it is a $50.00 fine.

Towing can take place on public property after a ticket has been issued and if it violated the egress and ingress or vehicle or foot traffic.