Michigan City Promise Scholarship Announces Members to Scholarship Exceptions Committee

By: Michigan City Last Updated: May 16, 2017

Michigan-City-Promise-Scholarship-2017 Michigan City Promise Scholarship (MC Promise) is pleased to introduce the newly formed Michigan City Promise Scholarship Exceptions Committee. The Exceptions Committee is a process for a student applying for the Promise Scholarship to appeal if he/she feels there is a compelling reason that they should not be denied. To appeal a denial, the applicant will have an opportunity to submit a written appeal to the Exceptions Committee.

The Promise Exceptions Committee will review all appeals and determine if there are extenuating circumstances that would allow granting a Promise Scholarship to the applicant. The Scholarship Exceptions Committee’s decisions will be final.

The Exceptions Committee consists of five community members appointed by Mayor Meer, the Michigan City Common Council, MC Economic Development, and Michigan City Area Schools. MC Promise would like to welcome Shelly Barnes, Clarence Hulse, Bonnie Manuel, Yolanda Thomas-Davis and Mike Dempsey as the inaugural Promise Exceptions Committee.

Nancy Smith, Director of MC Promise, would like to remind all MC students who meet the criteria to submit their application before the deadline June 9th. “We are excited to grant as many Promise Scholarships as possible to this first class of MCHS seniors. Many applications have already been submitted and with a June 9th deadline, we are expecting many more to continue to roll in all month.” The Promise Scholarship will be awarded to all participants who meet the qualifying criteria.

MC Promise is a Mayor Ron Meer initiative that will grant scholarships of up to $5000 per year, renewable for 4 years, to eligible Michigan City High School seniors who will attend post-secondary schooling in the state of Indiana. The MCHS Class of 2017 will be the first class to receive Promise Scholarships and they will be awarded to all participants who meet the qualifying criteria.

For more information and full eligibility rules, you can visit MichiganCityPromise.com.