Michigan City Police Department OPO Traffic Enforcement Recap for the Month of April 2017

By: Michigan City Police Department Last Updated: May 11, 2017

michigan-city-policeThe Michigan City Police Department has just completed our participation in the OPO traffic enforcement grant for the month of April 2017. We had 12 extra patrols working 38.5hrs of overtime, paid from a Grant issued from the Indiana Governors Council and Officers stopped 99 vehicles for traffic violations.

Officers wrote 57 Citations with one non-custodial arrest made for Driving While Never Receiving a Driver’s License, 33 for Seat Belt violation, 5 Suspended Driver’s infraction, 4 No Driver’s License in possession, 2 Improper Turns, 1 No Insurance citation, 8 Speeding violation and 1 littering violation.

Officers also wrote 89 warning tickets; 2 No License in possession, 1 Expired License plates, 1 Improper License Plate, 1 Following Too Close, 4 Automatic Signal or Stop Sign violations, 9 Improper turns, 12 Equipment Violations, 3 expired or improper License plates and 55 for Speeding violations.

The Grant has allowed the Michigan City Police Department to add extra patrol Officers on the street, Officers working the grant can also assist with several calls for service. Beginning Friday, May 12, 2017, until Sunday, June 4, 2017, Officers from the Michigan City Police Department along with area Police Departments in Indiana and across the Nation will be participating in the OPO Blitz 90 “Click It or Ticket It”.

Officers of the Michigan City Police Department will continue working this traffic safety grants, including the Countywide DUI Task Force to improve the Quality of Life to the citizens of Michigan City.