Michigan City Police Department February 2016 Traffic Enforcement Patrols Announced

michigan-city-policeThe Michigan City Police Department will have additional Officers working off duty, working Operation Pull Over Traffic enforcement grant funded traffic safety patrols this February. Officers will be working with a primary focus of enforcing seat belt, Child Restraint violations, Speeding and Following Too Closely, along with enforcing all other traffic laws throughout Michigan City.

Officers from the Michigan City Police Department will be making a special effort this year to ensure all motorists are safe around the Valentine’s Day weekend.

“Valentine’s Day, is a good time for us to remember that one of the best things we can do for our loved ones is to always make sure they are properly restrained when in a motor vehicle,” said Chief of Police, Mark Swistek. “The greatest way to prevent injury or death in a motor vehicle crash is to be buckled up 100% of the time.”

Motorists are encouraged to be aware of the changing weather conditions, always obey posted speed limits and buckle up to reduce the risk of injury or death in a motor vehicle crash.

Officers of the Michigan City Police Department will continue working other traffic safety grants, including the Countywide DUI Task Force to improve the Quality of Life to the citizens of Michigan City.