Michigan City Police Department Announces New Officers in 2017

By: Michigan City Police Department Last Updated: July 11, 2017

MCPD-New-Officers-2017_01Chief Mark Swistek and the Michigan City Police Commission are proud to announce the hiring of two new officers, Officer Amanpreet (Adam) Singh and Officer Cody Washluske on Monday July 10th, with the recent retirements of Corporal Michael Elkins and Officer Larry Young Sr.

My name is Amanpreet Singh, I graduated with my Associates degree in Criminal Justice from Ivy Tech Valparaiso, Indiana. I was born and raised in Queens, New York. My father’s business led my family to Cedar Lake, Indiana. We currently reside in Portage, Indiana but hopefully in a couple of years I will live in the city that I serve, Michigan City. Both of my parents are from Punjab, India. Therefore growing up, I was exposed to multiple languages; such as, Punjabi, Hindi, and English in which I can speak fluently.

MCPD-New-Officers-2017_02My interest in law enforcement began as a child. No one in our family has served or been in the law enforcement field, so I will be the first! I am really excited and grateful for Michigan City Police Department for giving me this opportunity to make my dreams come true.

My name is Cody Washluske and I was born and raised in Michigan City. I am currently finishing up my Bachelor’s degree. I am very thankful for the support of my family and my girlfriend Alex. Some will say that I am following in my father Officer Shane Washluske’s footsteps and I would have to say that is true. I know I will learn a lot of different things and skills to keep me safe out on the streets. I hope I can use those skills and what I learn to help people in need and make a difference. Growing up I have always valued family, and now I am a part of a whole new police family.