Michigan City Police Complete Operation Pull Over Blitz

michigan-city-policeThe Michigan City Police Department has just completed their participation in the Operation Pull Over (OPO) traffic enforcement grant Blitz #78, which took place from February 28 thru March 23, covering St Patrick’s Day. During OPO Blitz 78, the Michigan City Police Department had 21 extra patrols working 70 hours of overtime, which was paid from a grant.

Officers stopped 157 vehicles and wrote 120 citations; 71 for Seat Belt citations, eight Suspended Drivers, 12 Speeding citations, eight Automatic signal/stop sign citations, one Open container violation and 20 other citations.

17 arrests were made by officers working this grant; including four Felony arrests, 1 felon in possession of a hand gun (a C-felony), possession of cocaine (a D-felony), possession of marijuana (a D-felony) and Theft (a D-felony).

Eight Misdemeanor arrest, one OWI arrest with a .14% BAC, one possession of paraphernalia (an A-misdemeanor), one Refusal to identify (an A-misdemeanor), one failure to identify (a C-misdemeanor), two Driving while suspended/prior (an A-misdemeanor), one never receiving a license (a C-misdemeanor) and one possession of marijuana (an A-misdemeanor) were also the result of the blitz as was six warrant arrests for parole violation warrant, a C-felony charged from a South Dakota warrant, possession of controlled substance (felony), one fraud warrant (a D-felony), one Interfering with reporting a crime warrant (an A-misdemeanor), one battery warrant (a B-misdemanor) and a driving while suspended warrant (an A-misdemeanor).

Officers also wrote 57 warning tickets and assisted with several calls for service.

Officers of the Michigan City Police Department will continue working the traffic safety grants, including the countywide DUI Task Force grant to improve the Quality of Life to the citizens of Michigan City.