Michigan City High School Foreign Language Department Holds 2015 Olympics

By: Michigan City High School Last Updated: February 19, 2015

MCHS-Foreign-Language-Olympics-Collage-2015The Foreign Language Olympics are an annual tradition at MCHS. Clubs for each language offered at the school (French, German, Japanese, and Spanish) create unique events relating to the culture of their language, and then field teams to compete against one another. The festivities conclude with a meal shared by all.

The events this year included:

Coaster Flip (German Club) - Students attempt to flip a coaster hanging partway off a table into the air, catching it before it falls. Won by German Club
Soccer Kick (German Club) - Players kick a soccer ball down a hallway into a goal guarded by a trash can. Won by Spanish Club.
Root Beer Chug (German Club) - No description needed. Won by German Club
Tour de France (French Club) - Clubs relay race down hallways on scooters...no hands allowed. Won by Spanish Club.
Dance Citron (French Club) - Teams of two balance a lemon between their foreheads and must dance without dropping it. Won by German Club
Tomato Challenge (Spanish Club) - Contestants try to hit one another with a nerf ball while standing in a small box. Won by Spanish Club
Tortilla Toss (Spanish Club) - Participants toss tortillas like frisbees, from increasing distances. Won by German Club
Kendama (Japanese Club) - Total number of catches on a "kendama" by team members are added up. Won by Japanese Club
Chopstick Race (Japanese Club) - Five participants pass small objects down a row using chopsticks. Won by German Club
Table Tennis (Japanese Club) - A quick game of the classic "ping pong"... first to 5 points wins. Won by German Club

Michigan City High School offers students four years (eight semesters) of language classes; students can earn dual college credit for third and fourth year courses. Foreign Language Clubs and Foreign Language Honor Society are popular among students, and involve field trips, exchange programs, and travel abroad opportunities. In March, MCHS will host eight high school students from Japan for ten days.

MCHS foreign language teachers include: Dan Ruth, Mike Tsugawa, Jennifer Gracyalny, Shelly McGuire, Cathy Eldridge, and Brian Meyers.